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A 15 day online  Ayurvedic reset to restore your body's digestive health and vitality.

Oct 9th - 23rd, 2023

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How would you like to:

  • Eliminate cravings and strengthen your digestion?

  • Relieve constipation, gas, and bloating?

  • Enjoy more mental clarity?

  • Lower high blood sugar naturally?

  • See your skin glow?

  • Feel more even energy throughout the day?

  • Lose excess weight while detoxifying and eating 3 meals a day?

These are some of the results past participants report.  The same is possible for YOU.

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Fall and Spring are wonderful times to support the body in releasing the excess it may be holding. This gentle, home Ayurvedic reset is designed to rid the body of accumulated toxins, restore mental and spiritual energy, and reset your digestion and metabolism. You can improve your daily habits and renew yourself on all levels through this 15 day journey.

This reset is designed to support you in adopting new, healthy habits that will support you all year long!

The Reset is divided into 3 Phases

Phase I: Preparation

In this phase we set our intentions and gather our supplies. We enjoy a whole food's diet while eliminating some hard to digest foods. We learn nourishing daily rituals. We begin to take some simple herbs to support digestion and elimination.

Phase II: Cleanse Deeply
In this phase we begin the cleansing diet. We enjoy a warm, easy to digest stew and continue the herbal support. We prioritize more rest and relaxation.

Phase III: Ease Back to your New Normal
In this phase, we gradually ease back to a whole-food's diet, and complete our herbal protocols. This is an important part of the process: sealing in the good effects of the cleanse, and reinforcing the good practices we've learned throughout.

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What You'll Receive~

-Three live-stream classes with Shannon to guide you through the process. 

Mondays,  Oct 9th,16th and 25th, 6:15pm - 7:15 pm,

recorded in case you can't make them live. 

-A supply list and written instructions for every step of the process.

-A detailed, illustrated manual written by Shannon.

-A whole-foods recipe booklet.

-Membership in a private online forum where you can communicate and receive inspiration from Shannon and the other cleansers each day.

-Yoga and meditation recordings and a curated YouTube playlist to support your cleanse.

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Use the button below to register.


If the full cost is a barrier to you joining, please reach out. Scholarships are available!


Use the button below to register.

Additional costs not included:

  • Cleanse-week food: You'll receive a list of needed ingredients for the kitchari diet, and both online and local options for buying them. 

  • Supplies and herbs: You'll receive a list of herbs and supplies and optional add-ons (including massage oil, tongue cleaner, neti pot, etc.). Expect to spend at least $50 on necessary herbs, and you may decide to purchase additional items.

How is an Ayurvedic reset different from other protocols?

-We prepare the body before and stabilize the body after the cleanse. Jumping into and out of a cleanse can undo some of the good effects and even be harmful. Ayurveda’s emphasis on nourishing routine with the cleansing diet and protocols brings a more balanced and smoother experience.


-We focus on a calming and nourishing daily routine throughout the process. 


-We include the mind and spirit in our approach.  


 -It's gentle enough to do while working,

though we do recommend making the cleanse week schedule as light as possible for maximum benefit. 

Please Note:

**This cleanse is for people in generally good health. It's not appropriate for pregnant or nursing moms or for children under the age of 16. If in doubt about whether this cleanse is appropriate for you, consult with your health-care practitioner and with Shannon.**


Q.  How will the reset affect my energy? Will I be able to work?
A. YES, while we do encourage you to let go of unessential activities during the cleansing period, this cleanse is designed for you to be able to continue your normal activities. 


Q. Will I be hungry?
A.  We’ll be eating 3 meals a day with some simple options for snacks if you’re hungry between meals. That said, any change in what you're used to, will bring some inner adjustment.


Q.  I take medications. Will I be able to continue them during the reset?
A.  Yes! You will continue your medications as usual. 


Q.  What about cravings?
A. During the pre-cleanse period, we slowly wean ourselves from caffeine, alcohol, sugar and other unhealthy foods. It is natural to feel some discomfort when you are cutting back if you’ve been using for a long time. We have some ways to mitigate the discomfort, to help you relax and enjoy the cleanse as much as possible.


Q. What if I can’t make a call or any of the calls?
A. No problem! I record all the calls for you to watch/listen at a time that works for you. If you have questions that weren’t answered on the calls, you can email me.


Q. What if I’m sick? Can I reset while I’m sick?
A. No. If you register and then get sick, I will guide give you access to the call recordings and lead you through the reset when you're well again.

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