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Hello 🍃

How are you all doing with Healthy Eating Habits and Plant Based Diets? What does your body speak to you?

I’ve been striving to significantly reduce processed foods, highly oily foods, and refined sugars in my vegan diet for many years. I feel really good about this at the moment! I love how when we rebalance we naturally don’t crave what the body doesn’t need!

I look forward to incorporating more Vegan Ayurvedic foods and recipes into my life to really enhance my life force and disposition. So grateful for Ayurveda. I also want to forage and and grow food more! Eating all organic, local, Indigenous as much as possible… 🥭🍛🥕

picture from my kiddo’s birthday a couple weeks ago. We toasted organic apple cider with a candle for her “cake” experience. Arya picked out all the produce and flowers from a local farm for her birthday… so cute.

Shannon McCall


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