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Good Morning.

We had a wild wind storm out here on the peninsula for about 12 hours. Super intense. Amazing the power held. One result was wide open blue skies and snow covered Olympic mountains standing tall early this am. The clouds have come in now.

How are the Healthier Eating Guidelines supporting you this week? I went to bed and woke up feeling heavy in my belly. I rested in constructive rest post, and did a little hands on work, which helped my body release some air and begin to unwind. I think I've been eating a little too much lately, particularly at the evening meal when I'm not very hungry. So I will be paying more attention to that today and going forward.

How about you?

Reminder that we'll have the truly lovely Mary Imani presenting tomorrow on the topic, 'what are you hungry 4." She'll present for an hour beginning at 12:15 pm/pacific. If you can be there live, please come.


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