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I will miss our Wednesday meeting this week. Too many work meetings.. We are working on ELD and ETB. I have decided to reduce to 2 meals a day, since I have been unable to lose the weight that I have gained in recent months. That means my early dinner is getting even earlier. I will now stop eating at 3 pm and fast to breakfast again at 7 am. This works with most days, since the evening schedule is busy anyway and dinner was always hard to fit in. I am hoping it will also allow me to exercise in the evening, since my belly won't be full. With it getting darker sooner, ETB is pretty easy. In fact, I sometimes go to bed really early. If it's a stressful day, 7:30 is a great bedtime! Sleep is the best medicine. 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well. See you all next week.

Indrayani Ananda


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