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Came across this article on getting up early and how much sleep a person should get. I really wish this was true for me, but it seems to be the opposite. I get up at 5:30, 5 days a week, and it's sooo hard. I'm usually in the middle of a really active dream, and the yanking out can sometimes leave me feeling nauseous. Sundays are the only day that I can turn off the alarm, and I awake naturally at 8:30 with a happy and energetic feeling. It also says to go to bed at 9... I'm usually sound asleep long before then. Having tried for years to get by on less sleep without success, I am beginning to think I'm just weird. My body seems to like lots of sleep.

I also thought the dream assessment was interesting. I typically have active, vivid dreams that I can control. Often they involve conflict, running from an aggressor, being shot, dying, me fighting with sticks and rocks, or hiding with others in very small spaces. I guess that's a pitta/vata combo.

What are your dreams like?

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