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Good Morning,

How is breath body practice and Sitting in Silence going?

I'll be offering a 30 minute practice to support us Tu - Fri, 7 - 7:30 am. Hope to see you there.

We have guest teachings the next 3 Fridays in a row! 12 - 1pm.

This week, join please join me and Jae Rowan for Safe Conversations. Ahimsa--non-harm, is arguably the most important to the yamas or observances in yoga. We do so much harm by speaking in ways that are unskillful, simply because we haven't been taught how to talk and how to listen. Jae is a wonderful facilitator of this form. Please give a listen to her first teaching and the take a look at the document before this week's class.

Next week, Oct 21 Ellie Hadsall will join us and offer a teaching on meditation and mano bala which is "strong mind." Ellie is a luminary and wise woman with has so much to share. She is a bright light, and gifted with a strong and positive mind which she will support us all in cultivating in an authentic way. A long time student of Ayurveda, Agni Hotra and the Self-Realization fellowship, she conveys warmth, humor and joy in her teachings.

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