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Happy New Moon which is exact right now!

Here are some reflections as we move into Spring.

This is a time of pruning, and cutting back the dead in order to prepare the ground for new growth.

New Moon Ritual for March~

Take some time, preferably outdoors. Bring a notebook and pen. Create sacred space by praying, creating an altar of natural things around you, or simply setting intention. Reflect on these things in your journal.

What needs pruning in your diet?

sugar, alcohol, caffeine? Where can you bring in more whole foods nourishment?

What needs cutting back in lifestyle?

are any behaviors getting in the way of sleep, daily exercise, time in relationships?

Consult with your "inner accountant" and take inventory of any loose threads that need tending, so all of your energy is available in present time. Congratulate and hug yourself after this meeting.

Affirm that you are not alone, but part of the whole of life. Affirm that any heart desire you have, is funded with the energy to bring it into manifestation.

Complete your ritual by giving thanks, more prayer, and or making an offering to the earth.


Indrayani Shaayi Ananda


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