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What is one thing that you are practicing in the hour before bed that feels important?

Before sleep, and upon awakening, our minds are the most pliable--these two junctions are opportunities for positive vision/reinforcement/deep care.

At the end of the day, we've spent a lot of energy, and our defenses are down. So the hour before bed is an important time to set yourself up tenderly and with care for good sleep.

Try getting evening hygiene done as early as possible and give yourself some time to attune to yourself and give yourself what you need. Positive words or imagery (spiritual or uplifting text), relaxing music, luscious quiet, gentle movement, hot bath, a few words in a journal, snuggling with a pet, a partner, a child, a warm blanket. Sink into the truth of your own body and be there for ourself in preparation for sleep.


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