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It’s amazing how connected to the Land and Her Creatures many of the ancients were. Many of us have lost this connection to the seasons and the Lands. This is directly connected to our disconnect with food as well. As a dear one of mine says frequently, “our ancestors never enslaved plants,” meaning that our coastal nations never grew crops and destroyed the Land in order to do so. And, definitely, never held animals in captivity or tortured them. We never went into buildings to buy food. The ways of our ancestors were in harmony and intimate relation with nature, involving the tending to the seasonal shifts in the environment and a refined awareness of what the body did and did not need. This is amazing!

Now that we buy food in stores that is largely not seasonal, our bodies and spirits are out of touch with these traditional skills and connections. We are out of touch with Interconnectedness.

So, what a wonderful time to learn to get back in touch with the Land, Her creatures, our bodies, and inner Spirit. Then we will know what we really need to eat!



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