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Blessings on Indigenous People’s Day/week/month/year! 🪶🔮🍃🦅

Practicing more traditional lifestyle practices like those of Ayurveda is very in alignment with the ways of the Indigenous people’s of this land. This is partially why I resonate so much with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is about developing a strong relationship with the elements of our bodies and the external environments (including food)… this is how my Indigenous ancestors lived forever before colonial consumerism and mass production of unhealthy lifestyle practices. I have much respect for traditions that seek alignment in these ways. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of energy to undo colonial lifestyle habits, which is why I strive to learn traditional medicines and methods for healing like Ayurveda and Indigenous ways.

Reversing the negative effects of greed, healthy issues, and environmental destruction will require us as a collective to give more than we take and to rebalance our Spiritual selves, to find our true inner integrity. Ayurveda is certainly a profoundly helpful system for this healing process… so grateful. May we all work to lift up and live by the ways of our Wise Traditional ancestors!

Shannon McCall


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