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I am glorying in the beauty of our Seattle weather this last week. It draws me to tend and harvest in the garden, and to be awed by the quality of our light. This brings ease to each moment that I sink into the beauty.

As for an earlier lighter dinner...I'm trying it on for size but not pushing too hard. I have decided that having dinner by 6:30p and closing the kitchen (a VERY hard one for my husband and me! 😣) by 7:15p is a good place to begin. As long as I plan and prepare the meal this works, but I have to admit that I don't love doing all the cooking. We'll see how this goes as it becomes darker in the evening. That seems to make eating earlier and getting to bed early much easier.

It's good to have the support of a team here, as we all try on these practices...

Indrayani Ananda


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