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As I mentioned in the meeting on Wednesday, my mom has been in the hospital bleeding from her bladder. Last night she was finally able to have the procedure to address the bleeding and see what has been going on. She has an invasive tumor that has grown into the wall of her bladder. The doctor was able to get the bleeding to stop, he will be watching her for a few days, but as long as the bleeding stops, we can bring her home. We will be heading into hospice care.

I’ve been grieving since Monday when it was clear the bleeding was very serious. Now I am challenged to bring my meditation practice into a moment by moment practice of being with her in this present moment. Of recognizing that we still have many breaths left to share together before this season ends with her passing on.

There is something so deeply precious in the love I have shared with her these last eight years. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to make this choice, to care for my mom and for myself in this way. To honor my elders, my mother, who gave me this amazing gift of life, with all the love and attention I was able to give


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