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Happy Monday.

Last Wednesday we talked about "start the day right," and someone in the group asked me to share my morning routine. It's a routine I've been working on since 1989. So, I've been at it for a long time, through years as a young mother, though the lifespan of my now almost 30 year old son, and phases of working all over town as a yoga teacher and phases having a home studio. There were times when I had help with my house, and times when I was running the household single-handedly. In all of that, I learned that I had to prioritize doing the most important things for myself in the morning, because the momentum of the day ( teaching, child, pets, etc) could easily sweep it away if I tried to get to it later. Even end of the day was unreliable because I was so tired I'd often fall asleep as I read to my kid. I'm sure you can relate.

I wonder how you're doing setting aside consistent time for yourself in the morning? How are you "starting the day right?"

It's ok to schedule things at different times of day. During Ayurveda school I was able to consistently practice yoga do in the late afternoons (something I was not able to reliably do as a mother or at this stage of my life).

What's important is that you take some time in the morning to ground and set yourself up for a good day, including biologically, through hydration, healthy elimination and nourishment, but most importantly through your mind set (which is of course greatly influenced by your biology).

It's also important that you receive what you do for yourself. This is the secret sauce, and what can get oxytocin, the bonding hormone, circulating through your bloodstream. Self-love. Can you receive the care you are giving yourself? Be on the lookout for the perfectionist who thinks your efforts are not substantial enough, and have her clean your oven.

Tomorrow we begin a new lunar cycle. The new moon arises just before 8 pm, pdt. I'd like to invite you into an intention setting 30 minutes session with me at 8:30 pm, pdt. You can bring your notebooks and a pen, but also any art supplies if you'd also like to draw or use color. We'll sit together, do some timed writing about intentions, and after they'll be space to share in the circle for any who'd like that. The sunset fire is at 9:08pm, and you're welcome to stay for that, or log off at 9pm.

If you'd like to join, leave your name in the comments below.

Either way, please post how you're doing with this section of our work.


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