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I love the rhythm that my meal times bring to my day. Although I do sometimes make breakfasty things, I LOVE soup. There is something so deeply nourishing about making kitcharee. Soaking the beans and grains the day before begins the anticipation knowing that I am preparing to make this food more digestible.

Then, straing and rinsing the beans and grains before I start cooking them. Preparing the spices, and then stirring all this deliciousness into the soup I will l eat for all my meals today.

I love cilantro. I like to pick the leaves off the stems and chop them finely in preparation for adding it to the finished soup.

Lately I’ve taken a bit from another recipe that involves adding cilantro, ginger, lime, oil and water then blending it and adding it to the soup for the last minute of cooking. It adds a different, richer quality to my kitcharee this morning.

I’ve always loved cooking, but what I’ve learned from Shannon and being in this group has taken my culinary joy to a new level. It feels so integrated with what feels good in my body and for my health and well-being.❤️



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