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Been an interesting time here - lots shifting and opening up which brings forward new challenges - especially in maintaining or holding onto weekly habits and practices. Finding that I'm already relating to these new habits differently. One falls off and I very quickly notice the difference and without any self attack I find myself saying - that's ok, we'll just start again. It feels good to know I have these tools at my finger tips and knowing there is comfort and support in reaching for them. I often struggle with the idea/concept/practice of routine and I'm finding a way into my own relationship with these practices that feels good to me - might just need to call it something else. Over the last week with some significant life disruptions, I could feel my body responding in some old ways and it felt very out of place and uncomfortable. As some of my habits are picked back up, I can feel myself tapping into grounding and comfort there.

Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone this week and plugging back into the journey.

Wishing you all peace... Suzy

Indrayani Ananda


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