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Last night, I struggled with getting enough for dinner. I had not packed enough for lunch, and by dinnertime, I had a hot belly that was really aching. The veggies that I had planned was not enough, so I tried meats and cheeses, thinking the saturated fat would help. Nope, it was like they were made of air... Then came corn chips, and I could see that I was falling into a pattern of desperation. I finally decided to cook up some oatmeal, with cranberries and blueberries and ate that as soon as it was cool enough. Got some relief at last! This experience is not unusual, and it is frustrating, since I also have been battling with excess weight. Weight is a kapha problem, right? Pitta is supposed to burn it off...

I came across this article that talks about overweight pittas. What they say about how we get here is spot on. Skipping meals? You bet. That used to a be sure-fire way to lose a few extra pounds. Eating under stress? Um, yeah, lunchtime at work is compressed and rushed... I am curious about the "herbal water" at the end. Has anyone tried that? Anyone else have a too-high pitta right now?

Indrayani Ananda


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