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Good to see you on the call yesterday--and we missed those who were not able to attend live. The recording of our meeting is now up on the recordings page of the course.

We spent 5:5 in an inquiry with a partner. I did not turn off the recording, and so the time I spent with Solea is on the recording, which she is OK with sharing.

I wanted to note that when I do inquiry with someone, I don't inquire. So that after Solea inquired for 5 minutes, I reflected back to her what I had heard, and asked her a question for her further inquiry. This was not part of the form I gave you so I wanted to clarify the difference.

For now, when we're inquiring together, we're simply listening with presence, which is a gift we give each other. It allows us to hear ourselves as we inquire, and to practice deep listening and presence as the partner.



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