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Hello Dears,

The recordings from yesterday's call are up on the course page. It was a good call...For those who missed, give a listen on audio.

We're going to take 4 full weeks on food. I'm adjusting the schedule, so we'll use our two open weeks on the schedule for this. We'll have an assignment for next week covering Plant Based Diet, Habit 5, and then we'll take the following two weeks, as we cleanse, to work with the material on our Wed. calls.

This week we're focusing on the How to Eat principles. Most important being to eat an earlier, lighter dinner and then extend the time between that and your first meal the following day. 14 hours is the magic number that allows for cellular detox (autophagy), which is where, to use ayurvedic language, our bodies burn the ama, undigested food particles, from past improper digestion and over consumption. This housecleaning allows for better dhatu nutrition (tissue development) on all levels.

Some of you may alresdy have this dialed in. For the rest, work to master this habit by 15 min increments a week until you're at 14 hour fast each day (i.e.; if you currently have a 12 hour fast going, extend to 12.25 week 1, 12.5 week 2, etc. It's ok to go faster than that if you can easily).

Lets do this!

Indrayani Ananda
Jennifer Hammer


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