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Easeful living has been showing up a lot this week...since I'm not in my normal routine and not working. Waking up naturally, eating when hungry, stopping eating when full, walking, yoga, being in nature, moving around more throughout the day, and enjoying the company of loved ones. I've been pondering what I can bring from this 'un-routine' back into my normal routine, but most of the things I mentioned above I already do in my normal routine. It dawned on me the ease at which I've been doing those things this week is the missing element. Gotta send that email now, 2 minutes until that next meeting, do this or that to-do right now-- a cycle of one upregulation to the next and constantly under 'threat'.

From the reading i have a combo of collagenous and elastic tissue, but more collagenous as i age. Funny they mention hot yoga bc up until the last few years i would pass out in hot yoga, but now i feel its the only way i can stretch out. That says a lot to me about a transitioning state of being from parasympathetic dominant (my past) to sympathetic dominant (my present).


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