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The thing that is coming up for me is around daily rhythms. I am now teaching from home, after nearly 30 years of being in crazy middle school environments. What can my day look like, in this new possibility? I drink green smoothies everyday and am adding different fun things in...maca, sesame seeds, turmeric, Meyer lemon, cashews to greens and frozen's fun to be creative. I do have triggers around sugar I am realizing...if I feel frantic or stressed, a chocolate treat is my go-to--like a cupcake or donut....makes me feel connected to my huge family. Memories of sitting around my Grandma's table with 30 cousins running around the house and everyone connected and together. I am working on feeling the feelings underneath...loneliness, etc that are underneath the cravings. These are some of the things I'm thinking about this week.

I also had a job interview for MS principal at the American Community School of Beirut, and I am waiting to hear, so that is making me feel a bit edgy and prone to grabbing comfort food.


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