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Evening Greetings!

I just finished eating a piece of squash and a sweet potato for dinner with a little goat cheese. Hit the spot. How is meal planning going? What are 5 go to quick meals for you? Leave yours in the comments below! xo

  1. Quick supper: Healthy rice noodle "ramen"--boil water add chopped veggies (collards, daikon, carrot, celery) cook for 5 min, add noodles, cook for 5 min. Remove from heat add spice packet or miso. Add one chopped green onion (great pre-biotic), slices of avocado, a few tears from a nori sheet. YUM

  2. Quick Lunch: Same as above at lunch time with a boiled egg and maybe a little organic tofu cooked in.

  3. 30 min: 15 min prep and stir, 15 min it's cooking Basmati ice, Sauteed vegetables in ghee, cumin, mustard seeds, coriander powder (can add tofu or tempe)

  4. Two chappati filled with goat cheese spread on them, sauteed veggies on top, sliced avo and sliced green onion, open face: Make dough and let sit one hour. 15 min chop and cook veggies, while they're cooking roll out chappatis and cook.

  5. Mung beans and rice cooked in a crockpot together on hightfor 3 hours. At three hours, chop veggies, and warm spices in ghee and saute veggies. Add all to the pot. Serve with avocado, sliced green onion or grated coconut and a squeeze of lime.

  6. Baked sweet potato or yam and piece of delicate squash for a light dinner, served with ghee and black pepper. Or with goat cheese

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