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Good Morning, Dear Women:

I'm so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at our new start time: 12:30 PM. I'll send a link out before the meeting tomorrow.

Today, I offer you this ‘Re-Mothering’ practice to ground and come home to yourself.

One ~ Start by asking yourself:

“What do you need and want today that will allow you to feel a sense of love, safety, well-being and belonging?"

Two ~ Allow your Being to respond. You may be surprised by what she says, either through quiet inner words, feelings, intuitive impressions, or subtle energy moving in your body.

These do not need to be big events that require restructuring your day. The very act of engaging the inquiry begins to allow a healthy Mothering function to develop.

Three ~ Translating the desire into action may not be feasible immediately. Nevertheless, it is important that you follow through in some way with your Being’s request.

Remember that as a wise Mother you might need to translate the desire into something that is doable. For example, if Being signals that it is longing for a day off to luxuriate in a spa and you know you need to work, you might suggest a compromise: a soak in your tub in the evening.

Some examples of Being Desires to get you started:

I need 15 minutes of quiet time alone today.

I want to be with good friends and feel a deep sense of belonging.

I need a nap this afternoon followed by a cup of hot tea.

I want a hot bubble bath at the end of the day with soft music playing.

I need a hot sweaty workout.

I want to laugh and tickle my son.

I want to walk barefoot on the beach.

I want to prepare a great meal and share it with my family.

I want to go onto social media and share a story with my friends.

I want to work in my garden for a bit today.

I hope that you find these practices helpful - I know that I certainly have and use them again and again.

This practice is from page 103 of The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How you Live, Love and Lead:


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