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I am really noticing the daily transitions, but the times are a bit off, possibly because of the time of year. These forces are super strong for me. I wake up sleepy, dull brained, and slow (kapha energy, even though it’s 5:30), and it‘s mostly anxiety (vata) that keeps me going. Until about 8 am, when the outside temps are over 70 and pitta kicks in. I dump a bunch of excess water (peeing every 45 min, even though I only had 1 cup of tea), and my brain turns ON. I’m in get-it-done mode until 2 pm (vata), when I can’t focus. Social interaction will wake me up during this time, but if left alone, I fall asleep. Physical activity, even walking, feels hard... Then around 6 pm (kapha), I enter a slow and depressed mode. I review my day, can only seem to see the failures and have trouble internalizing the successes. I go to bed by 8 pm, exhausted…. I wish they would balance themselves!



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