A Good Night’s Rest

I have come to appreciate sleep as much as anything – I love waking up in the morning feeling relaxed and refreshed. If you are having trouble sleeping, here are some of the ayurvedic protocols that could help you.

No caffeine after noon: If you must have caffeine, the best time of day for that is morning, with food, before 10am.

Make evening times about ease and connection. Evenings are when the heavier earth qualities are strong, so go with this energy and use your evenings for relaxation and connection with loved ones/yourself. If you have to bring work home, try to complete it in the first part of the evening so that you can unwind before bed.

Eat an early and light dinner. Our digestion is not as strong at night as at midday so have your big meal midday and a lighter dinner at night (meats are heavy and hard to digest at night and so is raw food, like salad). Soups and baked or roasted vegetables are a good choice for dinner. The lighter and earlier your dinner, the better rest you will have and the lighter you will feel in the morning.

The hour before bed is an important time to ready yourself for sleep, more so if you are having trouble getting to sleep. Unplug the hour before bed, and engage in activities that are soothing. This is a good time for inspiring, light reading, snuggling up in a warm blanket, taking a bath, meditation and enjoying a cup of calming herbal tea or hot spiced milk or milk substitute (whatever you can tolerate) with nutmeg, cardamom or cinnamon.

If you have a lot on your mind capture it all on paper before bed. Take time to write down everything you are holding in your mind so that you feel free to let go into sleep. You will be surprised how many things come out and the ease you feel when it is all in a container (the page). This works especially well if you have a habit of looking at your list the next day and attending to things you wrote down so that once it is out of your mind, you can safely let it go. Meditation before bed is another way to ready the psyche for sleep.

Lights out by 10pm. Sometime around 10pm the fire element comes on strong and we tend to get a “second wind” and our appetite can build. Get to bed before that happens, and you will fall asleep more easily and your body will use that fire energy while you are sleeping for regeneration.

May you rest well.



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