Are you listening to your body?

Are you listening to your body?

Are your habits supporting your deeper health and well-being?

These questions are ongoing as we deepen our relationship with ourselves and ever-evolving as we continue to increase our awareness of the results of our actions. When we go to sleep; when we wake up; what we eat and drink; what we don’t eat and drink; whether we meditate or spend time in Nature or move our bodies; whether we are kind to ourselves; whether we take time to digest our lives’ experiences; these daily habits support us in feeling great, or just OK or they can make us sick.

Some of these are so simple and self-evident that it is easy to overlook the impact they have on our health long-term. Most of us work on these things a lot, and yet on our own it can be challenging. Changing habits is hard. It takes commitment, accountability, lots of love and space, guidance and a plan. This is why I spent most of 2014 developing a course to teach people the yogic and ayurvedic habits that lead to good heath, more real energy, more calm/peace, less anxiety, better sleep and more. A lovely group of women took the first Sacred Daily Essentials course with me this past fall/early winter and all of them had good results. Half way through this is what I heard: “surprised by how powerful this is” “surprised by how (the changes) have come so easily” “to be honest with you, I didn’t expect to have such positive outcomes,” “(I am finding the capacity to) really slow down my life, do less and quiet down.”

By the end of 12 weeks (and this included moving throught the holidays, I heard: “I’m so thrilled to have made these changes and I appreciate the gentle yet powerful approach.” “I learned so much! I’ve made changes to improve my physical digestion…mental digestion…and have created a nourishing morning routine. I also have a new framework for viewing myself, my health, my life.” “I felt really nourished by you, Shannon; and I want to continue learning with this group of women!”

Sacred Daily Essentials is a 12 week journey into learning the ayurvedic lifestyle and dietary habits in one-step-at-a-time pace that is sustainable and that you can feel good about. Daily routine and diet are lifelong practices, and all or nothing changes don’t really works. What works is slow change over time. You know this as yoga students.

I wanted this course to fit into the schedule of modern people, and to be accessible to my students who live outside of Seattle, so I created audio recordings and written work. A weekly 20 – 30 minute lesson and some written growth work are delivered to your inbox each Monday, allowing you flexibility to decide when to listen, and to choose what to focus on that week. Audio recorded asana, meditation and breathing practices support your daily practice at home or on the road. One weekly phone call (recorded in case you can’t make it) with the whole group and me gives you time to hear how others are doing, ask questions, get support from me and connect to the folks going through the course with you. (If you miss a call, you can email me your question to answer on the call and listen to the recording later to connect to the group’s work). There is also a private online forum where you can stay connected during the week, and an option for a course buddy (The first group found this very helpful). There are even a few bonus in person sessions (recorded in case you can’t make them, or live out of town).

Sacred Daily Essentials is beginning again on February 22, 2015! If you are ready to improve your relationship with your body, and learn/refine the habits for ongoing good health (more energy, calm and aliveness in your body) with a great group of other like-minded women, Click HERE to fill out an application. Once I receive your application I will send you more information about the course and a link to schedule a time to talk with me to see if this is a good fit for you.

I loved creating a container for this work to happen, and for a group of evolving women to come together and share the journey. If you feel called to this course, I would love to be your guide and support you in deepening your awareness and creating the healthy habits that lead to a feeling of at-home-ness in your own body.