Ayurveda for Fall

We are nearing the autumnal equinox, a time of balanced day/night, and an official marking of the fall season. Today I am sending along a Fall Balancing Tip Sheet that I hope will support you in making shifts to your daily diet/rhythms as we change seasons. Find it HERE.

If you’re needing help in crafting daily rituals that support and balance your body/mind, join me next week for my 10-week online course, Sacred Daily Essentials. We’ll be getting clear on our unique constitutions and how to recognize and treat the inevitable imbalances that arise and so much more. Find out about Sacred Daily EssentialsHERE.

It’s actually fairly simple to understand ourselves enough to know which activities and diets lead to balance and ease and which lead to dis-ease and unhappiness. It can be more challenging to make the necessary changes once we see what we need to do. This is where the power of community comes in–a committed group of travelers moving along together with similar goals, making small changes one step at a time. This and the wisdom teachings of a healing art like Ayurveda and some guidance on its core principles can make all the difference between actually making the changes we need to make, creating the life that we most long for, or staying stuck for another season.

Here’s what a former course-member said:

“Sacred Daily Essentials made a tremendous difference in the way I approach my day’s activities and my body. The group calls reinforced the week’s lesson and kept me accountable. Hearing the message in a few formats was helpful. I was able to make changes I’d wanted to make for years but had not done. I also created and maintained a morning routine I’ve long wanted, which has grounded me, improved my outlook and my body feels better.” -M.A., Seattle

If you’re feeling ready to learn and apply some new tools to help shift you out of unhealthy patterns and into new ways of living and being, come join the Sacred Daily Essentials Community and invest in yourself for 10 weeks to see what’s possible. Find out more about Sacred Daily EssentialsHERE. Then, fill out an application HERE and we’ll have aphone call to make sure the course is a fit. If it feels right,we’ll get you signed up right then.

Here’s where you can fill out an application now. 

Wishing you ease in all your transitions.

Peace, Shannon