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Early Morning Magic

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

If you're a woman in perimenopause or beyond, living in rhythm with the cycles of the sun and moon is a tremendous support for feeling grounded, satisfied, and well.

Perhaps the most important rhythm to align with is evening.

  • winding down as the sun sets

  • eating an earlier, lighter dinner

  • turning the lights down low

  • unplugging an hour before bed

All these practices set us up for restorative, deep sleep, nature's balm.

What used to be true for me, and what I often hear from the women I work with who struggle with this is: Once everyone else is asleep, and all the day's tasks are complete, I want some time for me. Finally some quiet time. It makes sense to want to stay up and enjoy some of that. But as alluring as that time is, I'm here to tell you, going with that pull and staying up late is a bad idea. Here's why. You've already given your energy to the day. It's as simple as that. If there's anything you need at this point, its some deep rest. Have you ever noticed how anxiety and fretting come up in the evening and late night hours? Why is this?

We're less resourced. We have less of a buffer. IWe don't have the same capacity to think clearly. We lack perspective because much our brain is tired. It's time for rest and digest.

I know this may be hard to hear, if you're in the habit of grabbing some "me time" at this late hour. God knows you deserve it. It's just that what will actually come from it is probably not much. You might in the moment feel convinced that staying up scrolling, or watching a late show, will hit the spot. And sometimes it might be just the thing. But most of the time it's like fast food. It satisfies as it's going down, but you'll regret it later.

  • Later when you've missed your window for sleep, and you lie awake in bed.

  • Later when the alarm goes off and you're still tired.

  • Later when you don't even remember what you stayed up to watch.

  • Later when you're still craving meaningful time for yourself.

Ever notice how, after a good night's sleep, the same situations that felt impossible the night before, suddenly seem manageable, and maybe not even like a problem? Why is this? We're resourced! We're recharged. More of our brain is on line. We can think clearly. We've rebuilt that buffer in the night. So the shift here is from grabbing the last bits of the day for yourself (it's kind of like taking the crumbs, actually), and training yourself a little each week, over a lunar cycle, to go to sleep earlier (when you're likely tired) and to get up a little earlier each morning. Soon, you'll have a decent chunk of time for yourself, and it will be so delicious! Pre-dawn time is magic. There's a reason people have been waking into this time for centuries. It's perfect for prayer, for contemplation, for mindful movement, for writing, for movement, for pooping. The subtle, light qualities this time offers are a delight. This is "me time" that matters. And it will change your life! Before the kids get up. Before the rush to leave the house, before caring for others (except maybe a pet), you get to connect to your own sweet self, for even 30 minutes. Love the quiet? Make yourself your favorite warm beverage, light a candle, and revel in the quiet of the early morning. Priceless. Love to write? Turn on a low light, and engage yourself on the page. Love to move? Finish your tea, and give yourself the pleasure of some breath-body practice indoors, or a brisk walk outdoors. Heaven! So let's get into rhythm in the evenings!



P.S. Need Help getting your evening rituals in place? Schedule a 15 min clarity call with Shannon. I'd love to talk with you.


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