Getting to the root of the problem

Are you taking care of yourself? Does your daily routine allow you time and space to digest your life’s experience and recharge? Are you full of energy, resting well, and feeling deep well being? Or all you lagging much of the time, catching up on sleep over the weekends, out of rhythm, feeling anxious or depressed more of the time than you’d like? Somewhere in the middle?

Modern medical research has shown us for years the tremendous effect that diet and lifestyle have on our health. Get this part right, and you are likely to do well. Get this part wrong, and you are on the road to illness. Yet our western medical model which works to treat us when we are sick, does nearly nothing to help us understand how to care for our bodies when we are not super sick but clearly not well. For this we must look elsewhere. For chronic conditions like poor digestion, sleep trouble, low energy, anxiety and depression, all that allopathic medicine can offer are over-the-counter medications and expensive prescription pharmaceuticals. The problem with this approach, besides that we are getting a lot more than relief of our symptoms with pharmaceuticals, is that they don’t get to the root of the problem. Sometimes we need a stop-gap measure. With gratitude for these drugs, they are clearly not long term solutions (just spend some time reading the small print on the sides of the bottles or listening to the nice lady on the commercials describe “possible side effects” like suicidal thoughts for some common antidepressants—OMG!).

Our genetic predispositions and weak links’ expression are totally affected by our ENVIRONMENT (read diet and lifestyle) and that is something over which we have a tremendous amount of control. We can do nothing about the past environments, our past choices, but we can do something about our environment now. And lord knows I am NOT saying we have total control here, the mystery of life and death will always be that. But lets face it, there is a lot we can do to create health and wellbeing and a lot we can do to destroy it.

At the heart of an ayurvedic self-care is daily routine and getting in sync with the Natural rhythms around us to support our sleep, peace of mind, energy and digestion. Simply bringing rhythm and regularity to when we sleep, wake and eat will relax our nervous system. But for these things to be really effective, we have to do them in a way that is relaxed, even loving. That oxytocin hit when we are in a state of receptivity and connectedness is the cure to what ails us. Creating a healing diet and daily routine is not rocket science, but it does take readiness for change, support, a plan of action and small sustained efforts over time.

It is not just about what we do but how we do it, so it requires a shift in our approach where we take ourselves as the subject of our lives, rather than an object, and return to caring for ourselves like we would care for our only child. Because the truth is, life is not just going to slow down for us, or part like the Red Sea and pull us into a new direction. WE have to slow down, shift the momentum towards what we want to create and take steady action in that new direction. Otherwise, we will tend to be pulled into the cultural current of overwork, under-rest and artificial stimulation. We will succumb to the diseases of our time like IBS, type 2 diabetes, high BP, allergies, auto-immune disorders, debilitating anxiety and depression, this year’s flu….these don’t just come from nothing. And they don’t just arise because they run in our family or because we were exposed….

If you know you need to make some changes in your daily routine and you are ready to move forward with those shifts, I invite you into a strategy session, a free 20 minute phone call, to talk about the changes you would like to see. I would love to support you in getting into better relationship with yourself. If I have something I think could help you, I will let you know. Go HERE to schedule your free session.

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