How to Disengage from your Inner Critic

How do you deal with your inner critic? Do you have a way to address that part of you that judges, often harshly, your efforts and functions to keep you “playing small,” or feeling bad about yourself?

This part of us was called the superego by Freud, and it develops at a very young time in our lives functioning to keep us safe. It is the accumulated voices of our parents and other caregivers, including all the admonitions we received literally or energetically put together from the point of view of that young child. It expresses as an inner voice or felt-sense that lets us know when we’re doing something “wrong” and it makes us feel really bad.

The problem with the inner critic –or judge– is that it’s messages haven’t been updated, and the way we internalized those messages as young children was pretty unsophisticated. Not only that, but we have a lot more capacity at this point in our lives than we had when we were 5, so the messages of the inner critic are really outdated and past their point of relevance in our lives. 

The thing is, the original function of the superego was to  keep us safe at a time in our lives when we weren’t in control of ourselves. However now, it operates anytime we are moving beyond our comfort zones. That means when we are growing in good ways, stretching ourselves towards our full potential, the superego tends to come in and criticize us “keeping us safe” in a way that actually undermines our efforts, robs us of energy and makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Working with the inner critic is an important piece of work to all of us on a path of growth and development. It is one of the things we address in my 10-week online course, Sacred Daily Essentials to support the establishment of positive changes in our daily habits. I wanted to give you a taste of this work by listening to an interview I did a few years ago with Diamond Approach Teacher and psychotherapist, Renie Hope on the SuperEgo. In it you will get a sense of how and why this part of our psyche develops, how it outlives it’s usefulness, and ways we can recognize, and disengage from this outdated structure.  Listen to the interview

here .

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May this time of balance between the day and the night support a feeling of ease and wellbeing in your heart and mind.

Love and Care, Shannon