Sacred Daily Essentials: An 8-week journey into deep well being

I am just back from 10 days on the road: first on retreat for 8 days at Asilomar with the Ridhwan school (moksha) and then to my hometown to catch up with old friends. Both parts of the trip were nourishing in different ways, and I feel good to be stepping into a period of integration and reconnection to home, diet and the daily practices that keep me feeling healthy, happy and support me in doing the work that I do (dharma and artha) and in enjoying my life and relationships (kama).

What supports you in doing the work that you do? Do the ways you enjoy your life support you or deplete you? I think we all know that disease doesn’t come from nothing. We may have a genetic predisposition for a condition but how those genetics play out is influenced by our epigenetics:  environment, diet and lifestyle. When we get these right, we nourish our good health and prevent the manifestation of disease. When we get this wrong, however, we can be plagued by all kinds of “minor” issues.

You likely watch your friends who don’t practice yoga suffer with physical/mental issues that you know could be transformed by a daily yoga practice. You’ve already learned what happens when you leave your practice: leave it for a week, your body gets stiffer, your mind more agitated. Leave it for a month, you start to have back pain and the mind is a little crazy.  At your present level of practice, you probably can not imagine a life without it.

Our minor health issues are the same: chronic low energy, difficulty fall asleep or staying asleep, digestive issues, issues with your monthly cycle, extra weight, allergies, anxiety, a sense of dissatisfaction with ourselves – these are signs of imbalance in our organism. Left unchecked, they will take us farther down the disease process. 

When do sleep issues become chronic insomnia? When do digestive problems become IBS? When do allergies become auto immune issues? When does anxiety begin to stop you from living the life you want to live? While they are many causes that lead to a health condition manifesting in our body/mind, learning to live in harmony with Natural Rhythms, learning how to balance our innate constitution and adopting the daily practices that nourish us will ultimately support healing and prevent disease. Just like your yoga practice supports your body/mind in staying strong, supple and open, so too do ayurvedic self-care practices support our organism in staying vital and adaptable as we age.

Though I was active as a child, I wasn’t taught and did not see modeled around me the diet and lifestyle practices that led to great health. I had some general understanding of good eating habits, but I didn’t understand my unique constitution, and how to adopt what I knew to my unique organism.

Having learned about yogic and ayurvedic living, I now know what I need to stay healthy and happy in my body/mind. All around me I see people struggling with all of the dietary and health advice out there, who lack some of the basic information about daily routine that could make all the difference in how they feel every day.  So… I have created a course with the basics all in one place. Join me this September for:

Sacred Daily Essentials: An 8-week journey into deep well being.

Sound interesting? Each of the 8 weeks includes a 20 – 30 minute audio lesson as well as written growth work to support your integration of the week’s material. We will meet together as a group on a live phone call each week. During the calls I will elaborate on the topic of the week, and you will have an opportunity  to check in and ask questions. The calls are recorded so if you can’t make them, you can listen at your convenience later. The 8 weeks journey begins and ends with an in-person event in Seattle. If you can’t make the event, you will receive an audio recording.

This course brings the basics of ayurvedic self-care together in an easily digestible format that will continue to unfold for you long after the 8 weeks are over. We are going to get grounded in our ayurvedic constitution and learn to tailor our practices to bring balance to our organism. That means more calm and clarity about what our bodies are telling us, and less confusion about which foods and practices to use. You’ll also learn:

  1. Beyond what to eat, into how to eat and when to eat.

  2. To receive support from our group as you practice the learning.

  3. How to utilize community to self-reflect and expand your awareness of the results you’re experiencing.

  4. All about mental digestion and the importance of daily routine.

  5. How to craft a daily practice that supports you at the deepest level.

  6. Effective questions to ask as you continue integrating and evolving your practices well after the course is over.

A healthy body means better energy, better sleep, better digestion and a mind at ease. A mind at ease allows us to sink into a greater awareness of our True Nature, the source of real healing and well being. This is all about baby steps, one little thing at a time, practiced consistently and with great awareness with guidance and support from a like-minded community and the rich teachings of ayurveda.

Here’s what participants are saying after taking the course:

”I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to take Shannon’s Sacred Daily Essentials course. Love, self-nurture and increasing personal awareness is the foundation of this program. Shannon’s consistency, presence, kindness and soothing voice is what enables that to emerge from within participants. I made a number of small changes that had a significant impact, giving me increased overall daily energy. Having access to Shannon’s recorded lessons, asana practices and meditations allows me to keep the program alive now and stay focused daily on continuing to make healthy changes. It’s a win-win all the way around. I highly recommend it.”  – J.S., Seattle “Sacred Daily Essentials was much richer than I ever anticipated and has opened unexpected doors for me. I continue to integrate the information you taught us and develop my morning devotional routine.”  – L.A., Seattle

Ready to get serious about taking better care of yourself? Go here to see the course syllabus and apply to see if it’s right for you. We are starting Sunday, September 13th.

With Love, Shannon