Take your Self-Care to the Next Level

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Dear Ones,

I hope you are feeling very well today. I am sending along an interview I did with a former member of Sacred Daily Essentials, so you can hear her talk about her experience in the course, and how her life changed for the better. Listen to the interview HERE.

We all know that disease doesn’t come from nothing—we may have a genetic predisposition for a condition—but it is our epigenetics—our environment, diet and lifestyle that often determine how those genetics express.

Are your daily habits nourishing your good health or are they feeding the disease process?

Think of your yoga practice: leave it for a week, your body gets stiffer and your mind more agitated. Leave it for a month, you start to have back pain and a hard time slowing down. You likely watch your friends who don’t practice yoga suffer with physical/mental issues that you know could be supported if not healed by starting a practice, but it’s not so easy to change our habits, even if they are leading us into pain and disease.

Our minor health issues are the same: chronic low energy, difficulty sleeping well, digestive issues, extra weight, allergies and chronic congestion, anxiety and a sense of dissatisfaction with ourselves— these are signs of imbalance in our organism.  Left unchecked, they will almost certainly contribute to a greater level of disease.

Think about it: When do sleep issues become chronic insomnia? When do digestive problems become IBS? When does IBS become colon cancer?

While there are many causes that lead to a particular disease-state manifesting, and we are definitely not in control of all of this, still, understanding what supports our organism’s highest functioning, learning to live in harmony with Natural Rhythms, and adopting the daily practices that nourish us rather than deplete us will definitely support self-healing and help prevent disease altogether.

That’s really good news because even though we aren’t in charge of how everything goes in our environment, we’re in charge of a lot. And the small shifts we make in the right direction today accumulate to lead us towards good health now and into the future. In the same way we practice asana and pranayama everyday to feel well in our bodies, ayurvedic practices, which include yoga and meditaiton, integrated into our daily rhythm, leave us feeling well in our own skin.

And now, for those of you feeling called to more of this lifestyle medicine, I offer you, Sacred Daily Essentials, a 10-week journey into self-care and self-healing from the rich and timeless wisdom traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.

This online course with live video conferences each week allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule, and join the live calls each week to ask questions, receive guidance, make new friends and deepen your understanding of the material. Everything is recorded for you to listen to again and again. You can’t miss anything. And this is an investment that will keep on paying for years and years. The learning you do over 10 weeks, and the practices you implement, will keep on giving well into the future. How many investments can you say that about???

Apply for Sacred Daily Essentials HERE

If you are regularly consuming ANY over-the-counter medicines to suppress symptoms of imbalance you are masking a little problem. Isn’t it time to get to the root of the problem by addressing diet and lifestyle? This is the medicine we really need. And, its not as hard as you think! Just like getting to yoga class, which sometimes feels like a struggle, always yields a better feeling for the effort we put out, so too do the healthy habits we adopt, while taking some effort in the beginning, give us back so much more in terms of feeling really good in our body, mind and spirit.

If you are interested in the course but feel that you don’t have time or funds for something like this, I want to challenge you by asking you this:

If not now, when??? What is your good health worth to you?

The perfect time for self-care, just like for anything, never really comes. We make time when something is really important to us, right?

Apply for Sacred Daily Essentials HERE

Some of the results you can expect after 10 weeks are

  1. More clarity about what your body is telling you by its symptoms.

  2. Less confusion about what to eat.

  3. A clear sense of how to create a daily routine that supports more energy and peace of mind.

  4. Guidance around how to eat and when to eat to support better digestion and weight loss.

  5. Capacity to ask better questions of yourself to continue integrating and evolving your practices well after the course is over. 

Ready to get serious about taking better care of yourself? Go here to see the course syllabus. Go here to apply for the course. We are starting September 24th with a live video conference at 7pm.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make some positive changes this fall and learn things you will be able to apply forevermore (And please don’t let the cost stop you. If you are feeling ready for this course, but the cost feels like a barrier, please email  me and let me know your situation. I want EVERYONE who feels called to this journey now, to be able to join in–we’ll find a way for it to work for you and your family).

You can listen to the short interview I did with a former student of the course HERE and hear about the positive changes in her life as a result of learning ayurveda.

Apply for Sacred Daily Essentials HERE

If you have questions, please Email me. I’m around, and  I’d love to talk with you.

In Service, with Love, Shannon