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Why Cleanse?

Even if we're observing a mostly healthy lifestyle and diet, our bodies and minds accumulate a certain excess over the weeks and months that becomes toxic to the body over time. This toxicity, called ama in Ayurveda (literally 'undigested food'), gunks up the pipes and becomes food for a future disease process. (Which disease will depend on your personal "weal links" or genetic predispositions).

The truth is that most of us aren't living in alignment with what we know is best for us. We over eat, over consume, over stimulate and are running around feeling overwhelmed much of the time. In spite of good intentions, taking time for a "do-over" often doesn't happen; and when it does, we often don't complete what we start.

Seasonal Ayurvedic cleansing at Spring and Fall is an effective way for all of us to rid the body and mind of ama, while gaining in digestive strength and function which supports strong immunity and a strong mind.

There's noting like joining a community to help us make the time to do the things we've been wanting to do for ourselves. I avoided offering Ayurvedic cleanses for years because so many people already overdo it in this department, and shift between extremes of "cleansing" and "doing whatever." I didn't want to perpetuate that cycle.

But working with people and hearing what they were going through, I knew this simple protocol could help. So, I started offering seasonal group cleanses in 2018, and haven't looked back. I love holding the container and providing support for others to prioritize this very important process of disease prevention. The good results and "aha's" that folks have make me very happy.

What are some of the signs of excess in the system?

  • lack of appetite--nothing "sounds good" to eat

  • gas, bloating, indigestion,

  • body aches that aren't related to excess activity

  • sugar, caffeine, alcohol cravings

  • brain fog

  • high blood sugar/pre-diabetic

  • negativity that doesn't let up

  • inability to lose excess weight

  • loss of luster in complexion

  • dullness in the eyes

  • offensive smell in elimination, sweat, gas

  • fatigue in spite of sleep

  • loss of meaning in life

How do people feel post cleansing?

  • "This morning my husband told me “You really look great. You look like you’re 40”--from a woman in her 60's.

  • "I’ve been taking my blood glucose levels each morning and they are perfect!! It’s amazing results because I was concerned that with just eating kitchari I was taking in more carbs than usual and only a little protein. My readings have never been consistently at the number I’m getting each morning now!! Very exciting results!!"

  • "This cleanse has been so enlightening and I’m so happy with the abundance of energy I’ve been having and the mental clarity."

  • "I can really see the immense benefits on so many different levels and I'm really feeling so much younger!!"

  • "I had a good experience. My skin and eyes looked brighter and I lost weight. I felt like I got out of the habit of snacking when not really hungry and developed a better routine around eating."

  • "I feel clearer and my joints are less tight and aching. My skin looks brighter."

  • "I was able to eliminate my belly aches, bloating, and overall discomfort around digestion. I am feeling grateful I was introduced to new ways of eating and had your support thru the process."

  • "I followed the protocol to the letter and lost about 10lbs which was the objective result, but subjectively, I felt more mentally clear, grounded, emotionally stable, and balanced. I'm looking forward to another cleanse in the fall."

  • "I have definitely felt more clear in mind and body since the cleanse. I have even felt like my vision got clearer…."

The proof is in! Through engaging the Ayurvedic cleansing protocols, which include living a healing lifestyle, eating good foods, and taking some tonic herbs, we support our bodies and minds to come into greater harmony. We emerge with healthier cravings, less toxicity and excess, and more clarity, energy, and ease.

I would love to support you to a gentle and transformative cleanse this season.

If you're reading this in spring or fall, I am likely offering a seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse you can do from home. You can read all about it and sign up here. I am always happy to customize dates.I've designed several protocols to find the intensity level that is appropriate for each person. I'd love to have you join me.

In health and love, Shannon

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