What it Would Feel Like to join Sacred Daily Essentials this Fall

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Hello My Dears, 

It’s Saturday, and in honor of a new round of Sacred Daily Essentials, my 10 week live and online course, I wanted to share with you a couple of short practices I recorded for a past course. You”ll find them at the bottom of this post.

I am so excited to share this course with you again beginning September 24th. The online format allows you to learn ancient wisdom teachings from the comfort of your own home and to begin applying what you learn right away. The live calls create community and give you a chance to ask questions, learn from others and receive guidance as you continue to develop your practices.

What would it feel like to be part of my 10-week course, Sacred Daily Essentials this fall?

Something in you would relax knowing you had prioritized yourself, and would have the support you need to tackle some of the bad habits that had been gaining momentum in your life.

You would feel lighter remembering all the things you already know about what really works for you and what doesn’t and putting them into practice.

You would feel proud of yourself for doing the real work of laying a foundation of new, healthier habits moving forward.

You would grow in self-compassion as you listened to others and realized that it really is hard to prioritize the right things in the middle of our modern busy lives, but it is possible.

And you would give yourself a break from your own harsh judgments about not doing it all perfectly and allow yourself to start anew again.

Here’s one thing to understand: even if you are practicing what you think of as good habits, if those habits aren’t in alignment with the rhythms of Nature and your particular constitution, they can be the very things that are throwing you off!

Understanding what makes you tick and the particular ways your organism goes out of balance is essential for making the right choices to create the results you want. 

Here’s what a former course member said:

“Sacred Daily Essentials made a tremendous difference in the way I approach my day’s activities and my body. The group calls reinforced the week’s lesson and kept me accountable. Hearing the message in a few formats was helpful. I was able to make changes I’d wanted to make for years but had not done. I also created and maintained a morning routine I’ve long wanted, which has grounded me, improved my outlook and my body feels better.” -M.A.

Over 10 weeks, you will make self-care a priority  and harvest the results in terms of better energy, sleep, mood, relationships, work, calm, happiness and deep well being. Join the live coaching calls each week to ask questions, connect with the community and hear answers to what other folks are asking. Enjoy the live online forum to keep the conversation going between calls, or meet with a course buddy (optional–I will connect you) to stay motivated and accountable.

Do you need to make some changes this fall? 

Apply for the course. I’d love to have you join me. 

We’re beginning September 24th with a live introductory video conference, and we will meet this way each Monday night for 10 weeks. Between calls, listen to the weekly lessons, do the growth work and begin implementing small shifts in your daily routine. Ask questions on the live calls and learn from others. 

The live calls are recorded so you can’t miss anything!

Here’s what a former student said about the course:

“The lessons were very helpful and informative, easy to listen to and understand and your voice is very soothing. It was helpful to hear other people’s struggles and successes on the calls and I always hung up feeling inspired or refreshed for the next week ahead.”-S.L.

All you need to do to find out if this is right for you is fill out an online application . Once you hit “send” I will receive it in my inbox.  There is no obligation or cost to apply! 

The application will help you get clear about what you need. A phone call with Shannon after she receives your application will clarify if the course is right for you at this time. If it is, you will be welcomed into the Sacred Daily Essential’s Course Community.  Voila!

One woman summed up her experience this way:

“Love, self-nurture and increasing personal awareness is the foundation of this program. Shannon’s consistency, presence, kindness and soothing voice is what enables that to emerge within participants. Having access to Shannon’s recorded lessons, asana practices and meditations allows me to keep the program alive now and stay focused daily on continuing to make healthy changes. It’s a win-win all the way around. I highly recommend it.” -J.S.

It is so much better to prevent disease than to try to cure ourselves once we’re sick. I would be honored to support and guide your learning and integration of Ayurvedic principles that I have put together in this course, and help you make the changes in your life you want to make. 

Fill out an application here

Your Investment:

BASIC: $798– The course + 1-on-1 email access to Shannon for Questions/Guidance Throughout the Course.

DELUXE: $998–Basic + a Self-Care Kit of Ayurvedic Supplies + 1 on 1 Private Session/Consultation with Shannon.

SUPER DELUXE: $1098–Basic + Self-Care Kit +1-1 Private Session + a Marma Treatment with Shannon.

Payment Options:

Pay in Full 1 time.

Pay in 2 installments: due 30 days apart beginning upon registration($399, $499 or $549). 

Pay in 3 installments due 30 days apart beginning upon registration ($266, $333 or $366).

For those who have taken the course before or bought the self-study version, you pay 1/2 price for the course ($399 total) and can add in the self-care kit, 1-1 session with Shannon or Marma Treatment with Shannon as needed for an additional fee.

Consider the cost of your monthly health insurance premiums or a visit to your healthcare practitioner as you consider the investment you will make in joining the course.  The  level of investment is significant because the content and impact are so valuable. How much value do you place on learning the skills to live in alignment with your own nature on a daily basis? This investment  yields real results for the rest of your life.

You can fill out an application here

Have a great weekend, and enjoy these practices from a past course:  

Morning Asana

Sitting Meditation Practice  and 

Alternate Nostril Breathing .

Here’s to your fresh start and a healthy fall.

Much Love, Shannon