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Ancient Wisdom for Women in Perimenopause and Beyond~

Begin your day centered within yourSelf with
my Ayurvedic morning routine kit. 


Hi, I'm Shannon McCall

 I help perimenopausal and menopausal women regain and maintain hormonal balance, to live with more calm, real energy and deep satisfaction. 

Ayurveda has been supporting women for thousands of years, emphasizing  individualized, holistic care grounded in Nature and her cycles.  

Ayurveda treats the whole woman, as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Its teachings in aligning with Natures rhythms have been borne out in the science of circadian medicine, and research into longevity.

Women enter perimenopause around age 35 when their hormone levels slowly begin to decline. Though major symptoms are often a decade a way, subtle symptoms are emerging. This is an important time for a woman to begin to adjust her output to her real energy levels.


When a woman meets the transition early, it sets her  up for a smooth and steady menopause.  

If you're struggling with symptoms, or curious about how to align more deeply with your unique nature,  please sign up for a complimentary discovery session.


I'd love to meet you and find out whether an Ayurvedic approach could support you to flourish now and into mid life and beyond.

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Image by Zac Durant
Image by Emma Simpson
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Image by Kévin JINER

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