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Learn and live the habits that lead to radical wellbeing.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with these Ayurvedic evening rituals. 


Hi, I'm Shannon McCall

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Board Certified Ayurveda Practitioner (NAMA) and Holistic Health Coach

I teach the daily habits that lead to robust health and strong immunity. Ayurveda is a simple and effective body of teachings that are as relevant today as they have been for millennia. They offer a kind of  owner's manual for "how to have a body"that we may never have received.


Tailored to the individual, Ayurveda's teachings guide individuals towards an understanding of their unique constitution and how to care for it through diet, lifestyle and herbal medicines.  

The only path to deep health and strong immunity is that of healthy living tailored to the individual.


You're invited to join me in a FREE body goals sessions to discover what your body's signs and symptoms may be telling you. You can sign up below. I'd love to meet you.


Are your habits supporting your well being or making you sick?  


Ayurveda offers a time tested approach to understanding and living in alignment with your own unique organism to create robust health and strong immunity.


The simple daily practices of this traditional medicine, which comes from India, are centered on diet and lifestyle, customized to the individual at his or her particular life stage. 


Interested in learning what Ayurveda might offer you? You're invited to schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery session with me to find out.  I'd love to meet you.

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