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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women. 

Enjoy a good night’s rest with these Ayurvedic evening rituals. 


Hi, I'm Shannon McCall

  Certified Ayurveda Practitioner (NAMA)  Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Mentor to women in Perimenopause and Beyond.

Ayurveda has been supporting women through their  life stages for thousands of years. It offers the individualized diet, lifestyle and herbal support necessary to gently purify, rebalance and nourish a woman's health and vitality. 

 I help women in perimenopause (and beyond) regain balance, find more real energy and rediscover a pleasure-able relationship to their body.


If you'd like to find out more, please sign up for a complimentary discovery session. In this 30 minute meeting, I can learn more about what you're struggling with and share with you how an Ayurvedic approach could support you at this time.


Sign up for a FREE discovery session below.

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