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As a yoga teacher, I guide men and women to greater depth and ease in their practice and offer them a space to slow down, feel their bodies and move in ways that enhance freedom, build strength and calm the heart/mind. I want to empower you to find the source of  yoga within your body and to trust your own inner authority above all.

Classes include meditation, pranayama and Ayurvedic wisdom and are delivered at a pace that allows you to slow down and feel your body. Most students find they can adapt the poses in class to their specific needs.

I offer philosophical principles in down to earth, modern language that supports your deeper transformation over time. With a deep bow of respect and gratitude, I acknowledge the wise and wonderful teachers who have taught me over the years, especially Dr. Vasant Lad, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Donna Farhi, the Anusara Community, Reggie Ray, Dave Yoss and my teachers in the Ridhwan School.


Sunset Yoga


 Thurs, 16th Restorative Yoga

7:00p - 8:15p


Sun, 19th Yin, Yang, Meditation

4:00p - 6:00p


Wed, 22nd Fall Equinox Practice

6:00p - 7:15p 

Meditating in Nature


Sun, 3rd Dynamic Flow

9:00a - 10:30a


Tues, 12th Evening Asana

8:00p - 8:30p


Tues, 19th Yoga for Cleansing

7:00a - 8:15a


Thurs, 21st Restorative Yoga

7:00p - 8:15p


Sun, 24th Yin, Yang, Meditation

4:00p - 6:00p

Practicing Yoga


Thurs, 11th Restorative Yoga

7:00p - 8:15p 


M - F, 15th - 19th Breath/Meditation

6:30a - 7:00a 


Sun, 21st Yin, Yang, Meditation

4:00p - 6:00p


Thurs, 25th 

Thanksgiving Dynamic Flow

9:00a - 10:30a

Beach Meditation


Sun, 12th Yin, Yang, Meditation

4:00p - 6:00p


M - F, 13th - 17th Morning Asana

6:30a - 7:00a


Sun, 19th Dynamic Flow

9:00a - 10:30a


Tues, 21st Winter Solstice Practice 7:00a - 8:15a

Full Series of Live Classes + Video Access

includes unlimited access to the video library for 4 months

Full Series No Video Access

Live classes only; no video library access

Day Retreat Pass

No Day Retreats are scheduled at this time. 

Single Class

join us for a single live yoga class- no access to recordings.

Discounted passes are available for purchase for shorter classes, for the un or underemployed, for those on a fixed income for whom the full price would be a burden.


  • Full Series + Video Access for 4 Mos: $275; Discounted Pass, $175  

  • Full Series no videos: $250; Discounted Pass, $125  

  • Single Class: $22/$11  

  • Day Retreat Pass: $60/$33

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A day to practice deeply

During our virtual day retreat we will meet via Zoom to practice and restore together.

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TJ, Seattle

“I was a Yoga-skeptic who initially only got started 5 years ago because my spouse convinced me to try it “just once or twice.” Since the I’ve probably attended 100 of Shannon’s classes per year. She does an absolutely remarkable job of moving her students along, of all ability levels, with “level-appropriate” adjustments, encouragement, and tutelage. She has found a balance in her class between keeping things on track and allowing students the time and space they need for their own unique development. Her calm demeanour, pleasant voice and mastery of her craft inspire her students to challenge themselves. She doesn’t burden her students with the irritating distractions that I have encountered upon occasional visits to other studios, such as music and new age philosophy. I have found yoga with Shannon to be an excellent complement to high intensity sports (and hectic life). The greater flexibility, core strength and muscular/mental focus that I have developed in her class have helped keep me injury free.”

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BD, Seattle

“For many years I’ve gone to yoga asana classes, but I’ve found it difficult to get a home practice started. As a regular meditator I wanted to do the asanas before each sit, but usually it didn’t happen. So I went to Shannon, and she did a couple of things that made a big difference. First, she customized a program for me, taking into account the limitations in some of my movements–especially hips and shoulders. I ended up with morning and evening yoga sessions that feel natural and healing. Second, she really listened to my needs. I said I had a half hour I wanted to invest, not more at this time. So she created the morning and evening sessions to be just thirty minutes long, yet they feel complete. Third, she included a pranayama practice, giving me a bridge from the asanas into my silent meditation. Above all her gentle, accepting, and encouraging way has helped me to reduce my own judgement against my asana “proficiency,” which has removed one of my barriers to home practice and has liberated me to do my own yoga in my own way.” 

SP, Seattle

“Having recently begun to practice yoga, I was fortunate to have found Shannon at the outset. Her voice, cadence, and easy manner make the movements so natural to follow, and she always manages to offer perfectly timed instruction on how to get the most out of the poses. When I can make it to class, my days are more relaxed and I sleep better at night. I was looking for a way to practice at home and on the road when I realized Shannon offers yoga lessons coupled with personalized audio recordings. I had to give it a try. I travel for work 2-3 times/month, and have always had trouble sleeping in hotel rooms. That has all changed now that I have seen Shannon for some yoga instruction, a little lifestyle coaching and a series of recordings. I now have a lightweight, compact travel mat, and streaming the lesson from my phone to wireless earbuds puts it right into my head and helps me disappear into the zone of the practice.  Some lifestyle adjustments, and a 15 or 30 minute evening yoga session designed to relax me, and I sleep all night and wake up refreshed, maybe even with time for a more vigorous morning session to start the day. For anyone looking for some help with a home or travel practice, these lessons are money well spent. I’ll be going back for more.” 

Shannon McCall Yoga Instructor Yoga Retr
Yoga Shannon McCall Living Into Balance.