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Community  Guidelines

  • Commit to Transform— You’ll get the most out of this course by showing up with wholehearted presence and a desire to evolve. Recognize that this is a place for you to express your longing for a greater life, a healthier body and a deeper connection to yourself and your life. Don’t hold back. This is a place where you can be fully engaged and supported. Honor your process, which is unique to you, and won’t look like anyone else’s.

  • Acknowledge Resistance— Often resistance arises before a group call or private session. When you notice resistance arising, or a reason not to participate, see it for what it is. Remember your overall goals for being in this program and show up fully. Give voice to resistance when it arises, honor your limits, and watch it shift over time. 

  • Play your Edge, but pace yourself—Evolution means moving into new territory. Our conditioned response to being in unknown territory is often discomfort and fear. We are conditioned to see unfamiliarity and its discomfort as negative, so we tend to avoid it. In this group, you are invited to lean into your shadows and edges and see them as signs that you’re on the right track, signs that your nervous system is growing. We can grow our capacity. Together we can create a safe space where we can all try on new ways of being as we learn and grow together.

  • Cultivate Clean Channels— Humans trigger each other. In this community, if something com es up for you, please  resolve to clear up any interpersonal tension as soon as possible. If you are bothered about the way something is handled, bring it up for discussion on the forum, on a call, or in a private message. By keeping channels clear, you strengthen your commitment to the process and to the group. If you need help with this, please reach out.

  • Don’t Hide or Dominate— Some of you will tend to hide and listen. Others will tend to dominate and speak often in our conversation. Be conscious of your tendency and actively step into your growing edge in how you can show up more fully, attentively and vulnerably on our live calls

  • Listen Deeply— Our calls are an amazing opportunity to learn, practice and receive deep listening. Listening deeply means that when someone else is speaking you connect with the essence beneath their words. You lean in to know their experience from their expression and allow yourself to be impacted. The act of listening deeply is a gift you give and receive in this course.  It can awaken and empower you and others. Witness each other without giving advice or “fixing” anyone.

  • Give to Receive— Life force is based on giving and receiving. Ask for support when you need it. Receive each other with beginner’s mind. Offer feedback when asked and you’ll get feedback when you need it. Remember, simply listening and being present is tremendously supportive. Commit to comment on the forum, both giving and receiving, at least once a week.

  • Honor confidentiality— What is shared in our group, stays in our group.

  • Enjoy the process— Honor each step of your journey.


Personal Ethical Guidelines 

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