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Hello everyone 🍃🪶

it was lovely seeing all of the people who joined today’s meeting!

I want to welcome the new members of the group by saying that I’m excited to go on this new journey of growth and development with you all. I’m excited to learn from and with you… and to see how each of you individually transform through this experience. ☀️

As we start this new season of living Ayurveda, I’m excited to embrace my intentions to let go of undesirable eating patterns while easing into healthier ones. I’m also striving to embody my mindfulness body-based breathing practices more seriously on a regular basis. I also will continue to work toward rising and praying with the sun while going to bed earlier!

I’m feeling a little nervous as I’m acutely aware of where I want to improve and the strength required for positive change. I’m also excited because I know I’m capable of great change for myself and others. Patience and perseverance!

If this little monk can take the next steps, so can we 🙏🏽🪷🏔💪🏽

How are you all feeling about this next step in the journey?



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