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A Year-Long Immersion into the foundational practices of Ayurveda, for a Long and Happy Life. 

Next Entry is May, 2021

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How would you like to…

  • Wake up feeling refreshed every morning                   

  • Sleep well through the night

  • Maintain a strong and supple body and mind 

  • Eliminate digestive distress like gas, bloating, and constipation

  • Calm anxiety

  • Relinquish self-criticism and negative self-talk

  • Feel more self-love every day

  • Rest into your True Nature more of the time

  • Experience more real energy and purpose on a daily basis

I invite you to join me, and an optimistic and open-hearted community, in learning and living the healthy habits of yoga and Ayurveda.

In this year-long immersion, you’ll establish a healthy lifestyle that naturally leads to robust health, a strong immune system, and a calm mind. We'll do this by learning and getting established in 10 practices, that support an expansion of awareness, and fuel a sense of purpose and belonging. Along the way, you'll find renewed energy, better rest, and more resilience in your relationship with others.

We'll also learn about the science of habit change, so we can successfully actualize our potential even when the initial motivation wanes.

Imagine how good you could feel in a year if you were consistently improving your habits day by day in the good company of others walking with you.


These practices are the diet and lifestyle medicine we need to support our body's innate capacity for healing and longevity. They have the power to change the trajectory of your life... they are:

  • Easeful Living

  • Earlier, Lighter Dinner

  • Early to Bed

  • Start the Day Right

  • Breath, Body Practice

  • Principles of Healthy Eating

  • Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet

  • Sitting in Silence

  • Sense-Organ Care

  • Self-Massage

The course is delivered over zoom, with weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings. Each meeting is recorded and made available to members, in case you have to miss a live session.

In addition to the group meetings, Living Ayurveda students receive an initial hour-long session with Shannon in the first month to discuss their goals for the year. Every other month, they will meet with Shannon again for a 30-minute session to check in on their progress, troubleshoot any problems, and readjust commitments.

Members are assigned a course buddy, or accountability partner, with whom to go through the course with, supporting each other's goals, and providing support and reflection.

Members also have access to a private forum where we discuss the course content between sessions and share additional material relevant to our study and learning.


All of the recordings, links, and other materials relevant to the course live on a member's only page for easy access. 

There are entry points three times a year for new members to join the community and begin their year.

Step into your glowing health with:

  • Good food

  • Enjoyable movement

  • Deep rest

  • Community support

  • Habit change strategies that work


  • Wake up feeling refreshed every morning                   

  • Lose excess weight

  • Sleep well through the night

  • Maintain a strong and supple body and mind 

  • Eliminate digestive distress like gas, bloating, and constipation

  • Calm anxiety

  • Get to the bottom of self-criticism and negative self-talk

  • Tap into more self-love every day

  • Rest into your True Nature more of the time

Fill out an application and Shannon will send you a link to schedule a conversation

to explore the possibilities and see if this is a good next step for you at this time.

Living Ayurveda Includes:

  • Weekly calls by zoom (recorded and downloadable).

  • An initial hour long session with Ayurveda Practitioner, Shannon McCall and every other month check-ins for 30 minutes to support your progress. 

  • A Course Manual and supplemental materials sent to you

  • Interviews with guest teachers to support your learning

  • Accountability partners–stay connected to the material and your vision working regularly with another course member

  • Private forum, moderated by Shannon, to keep the conversation going between sessions. 

  • Yoga Video Subscription and passes to 3 live virtual yoga classes each month (recorded)

  • Seasonal Day Retreats by Zoom 

We bring people into the community 3 times a year. Entries for 2021 are in January, May and September.

Entry is by application only. 

Now accepting applications for May. 

Fill out the application here and we'll send you a link to schedule a conversation with Shannon. In that conversation, she'll find out about your goals for the next year, and together you'll decide whether the immersion would be a good fit for you.

Apply now and get started with Prep School now and join us for the Spring Cleanse in April.

Living Ayurveda Bonuses

  • Living Ayurveda Prep School—as soon as you register, you receive access to Living Ayurveda Prep school: consisting of three audio lessons on the doshas, the Ayurvedic body-types, and pdf “growth work,” to help reinforce the lesson. Prep school also includes an audio introduction to the super-ego or inner critic, which we work to understand and free ourselves from throughout the year, and yoga and meditation audios to support your home practice.

  • Seasonal Retreat Pass for 2021 (you pay food/lodging only).

Are you ready for a real change?

Give yourself the support and guidance you need to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make. 

Ayurveda evolved to help us balance our unique organisms (mind, body, spirit) in response to changing environments (seasons, life-stages, work, relationships). It offers teachings that help lead us back to our own bodily wisdom and to a deeper connection with our spirit and all of life.

Change takes time. We take a year so that we can not only learn the habits but also get grounded in living them and thereby receive the support they offer. Through wise living, we move into deeper body/mind/soul integrity by learning to listen and understand our body's messages.


The year's time also allows us to meet and move through our resistance to change so that we can be successful in reaching our goals. With the support of the teachings, Shannon's guidance, and the wisdom of the group body, we will make progress more easily. This is empowering and builds self-confidence and esteem.

What is your good health worth to you?

What is it costing you to...

  • Spin your wheels getting your daily habits in place?

  • Take expensive pharmaceutical drugs that you know aren’t getting to the bottom of your problem?

  • Stay stuck in patterns of numbing out, self-forgetting, or self-sabotage?

  • Ignore your deeper needs?

There are 3 entry points to the year-long immersion in 2021:

January, May and September. 

Your investment for a year is just $333/month OR 

Save $500 by paying in one payment: $3,500 for the year! 

Scholarships are available for the un or underemployed or for those on a fixed income for whom the full price would be a burden.

2019-2020 Member

“Shannon is inspirational and deeply committed to sharing her experience in ways that are useful to each participant. She is a deep listener, curious and deeply committed to being in the service of each of us. She is resilient and this is more important now than ever. The overall experience is nuanced and yet experimental. I love that aspect of working with Shannon.”

What Members Say:

2019-2020 member

I loved all the exploration that was spurred on by other members’ struggles and successes that I resonated with and also those which expanded my perspective and aroused compassion…all from the space Shannon maintained. Through it all Shannon is very professional and always the leader, maintaining enough distance to maintain our respective roles and things are always clear and straight forward with no blur or uncertainty. As the yoga and meditation aspect, that could be another essay–it’s clearly her gift and calling to share and engage others through these practices. They are varied, grounded in self-love always, and when are deeply received, exquisite.” -

2020 Member

“I wanted to send an email to you to let you know how this program has changed my life. I think of the world very differently in general now, not just my body but everything beyond me too. I’m not getting everything right but I am more aware than I have ever been about the choices I make. Thank you for your guidance and teaching. I’m moving toward the goals on my “What and why” list and enjoying the progress that I can already see. I also notice that I bring something different to those around me. My energy is changing and it’s so exciting and satisfying to experience these changes.” 

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