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Rituals for the New Moon

The New Moon is a low energy time in the lunar cycle. It corresponds with the first day of a woman's menstrual cycle, where women naturally desire a little more time to rest. For women who are no longer cyciling, the new moon can serve as a monthly reminder to check in with your energy levels, and attend to gentle purification, rest, contemplation. Moving from the dark moon into the sliver of new moon is a good time to feel into the dark, unformed and not yet conscious parts of your life. Rest, journal, track dreams, make art, be in Nature. As a low energy time for many, it may feel more like a period for dreaming or preparation than for action.

Here are a few practices you might enjoy engaging during the new moon time.

Create or tend an existing Altar—indoors or out

Put something on the altar to represent each element:

space in the center; air in the north (feathers, incense): fire in the south; water in the east and earth in the west. Include symbols that are meaningful to you. You might like to include a photo of someone special to you. Write an intention or a prayer for yourself or another that you’d like to hold for the waxing cycle ahead. Fold it up and place it in a small vessel in the center of your altar.


An hour before bed, turn off all electronics, and choose a meditation, journaling practice or some other creative practice to unwind before sleep. Before you turn off the lights, rub the soles of your feet with some oil, and If you have sleep herbs around (lavender, chamomile, jatamansi), you can smell them, and leave them by your bed. Ask for a dream to help guide you in the new cycle.

Morning Practice

Get up at a little before sunrise, for a quiet practice of meditation, yoga or quiet sitting. When you’re done, make yourself a hot drink, and journal or draw something in your notebook about what you’re in touch with as the new lunar cycle begins.

You can print a copy of this ritual here.

May the reflected light of this new lunation support your clear vision, your inner work, and your work in the world.




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