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Holiday Recipe for Health and Calm.

May these simple reminders support more holiday cheer and deep wellbeing.

Stay hydrated: carry a thermos of hot water or hot herbal tea (ginger or tulsi are both good this time of year) and sip it throughout the day. Hot water is gently detoxifying, opens the subtle pathways, keeps you warm and stimulates digestion. Sipping water is an especially effective way to hydrate, vs. chugging which often is peed out quickly.

Sit down for meals instead of grazing throughout the day: stay nourished with good food in the form of 2 -3 meals a day at regular times. Snacking between meals causes indigestion and worse. If you want something between meals, have some herbal tea.

Before a holiday party, nourish yourself. Even a bowl of soup before a party will be supportive and help you be more selective about what you enjoy at the buffet.

Enjoy the seasonal fare when you have it. When you do indulge, enjoy every moment. It's okay to be selective and go for those things you truly love. Savor the celebratory foods you like during festive occasions.

After over-indulging, wait until you're hungry to eat the following day: after a big night, chances are you won’t be hungry for breakfast. Skip it. Sip hot water or hot herbal tea instead and wait for your appetite to return. This simple practice allows your body to deal with the excess easily. When your hunger returns,  eat something easy to digest like vegetable or meat soup or kitchari.

Get outdoors: Savor the season by getting outdoors, no matter the weather, and connect with the elements around you and the gifts of the seasonal shifts: bare trees, cool air, bright skies when they're visible, more darkness.

Take some time for your practice: even when your traveling or hosting guests, give yourself some time in the morning to sit, move, breathe, and be with yourself. You can do this in as little as 15 minutes.

Get to bed: hit your normal bedtime most nights and save your late nights for a few special occasions. Getting off rhythm with sleep is one of the most debilitating experiences after a certain age (you know what I mean). Prioritize good sleep and quality down time on a regular basis.

Joy to the world, and may your holy days be bright!



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