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Breath, Body Practice, June 16, video, audio

Start the Day Right, June 9, video, audio


Early to Bed June 2, video, audio,   slides


ELD, May 19, video, audio,  slides 

Orientation Call, May 12, video, audio


Easeful Living, May 5, video, audio

Dr. Carrie Wicks on Creativity and Structure, April 28, video,  audio


Sense Organ Care, Tongue, Nose, Mar 24, video, audio

Sense Organ Care: Ears, Skin, Eyes, Mar 17, video, audio 

Sense Organ Care, Essential Oils with Karin Robbins, 9/23/20,  videoaudio

Sense Organ Meditation, Mar 17, audio

Plant-Based Diet: the 6 tastes, Mar 10, video,  audio


Healthier Eating Guidelines, Mar 3,  video, audio

Sitting in Silence, Feb 24, video, audio


Breath, Body Practice, Feb 17, video, audio

Start the Day Right, Feb 3, video, audio

Early to Bed, Jan 27, video, audio

Earlier, Lighter Dinner, Jan 20, video, audio

Easeful Living, Jan 13,  audio

Better Eating Guidelines, NY Practice, Dec 30, video, audio

Superego Review and Sitting in Silence, Dec 16, video.1, video.2, audio.1, audio2

Renie Hope on the Super-Ego, Dec 9, video, audio, audio of closing


Breath Body Practice, Dec 2  video, audio

Easeful Living, Oct 23, audio pt.1audio pt. 2

Easeful Living, Oct 14, audio

Easeful Living, Oct 8, 2020, videoaudio

4 X 12 Minute Meditations, July 15, audio

6 Tastes, Teaching Call, May 6, audio

Digestion/Diet, April 1, audio