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a 9-month online Ayurveda mentorship to strengthen your health and nourish your spirit.  

Join us for a year of deeply rooted health and soul nourishment

  • Build a robust immune system and a relaxed and steady mind by learning and living 10 core habits of Ayurveda. 
  • Feel supported and connected within a community of kind-hearted members motivated to grow and evolve with you
  • Rest into your True Nature more of the time and experience more real energy and soul purpose on a daily basis
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Enrolling for September, 2022

Imagine how good you could feel in a year if you were consistenly improving your habits every day.

In this year-long immersion, you’ll do just that. Together we'll get grounded in 10 habits that connect you to natural rhythms.
These  10 practices support an expansion of awareness and fuel a sense of purpose and belonging. Along the way, you'll find renewed energy, better rest, and more resilience in your relationship with others.
You'll also learn about the science of habit change, so we can successfully actualize our potential even when the initial motivation wanes.

Ayurveda is the "Science of Life"

Learning and living Ayurveda is like having an owner's manual to  your unique bodytype. The daily practices 
 support your body's innate capacity for healing and longevity. These habits, rooted in Vedic wisdom, have the power to change the trajectory of your life.  The habits are simple, a return to a natural, intuitive way of living, connecting us more deeply to our bodily rhythms, and to those of the earth.
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The course is delivered over three trimesters.


In trimester one you are introduced to the habits.

Some of them will come easily to you, and you'll reap the benefits from them right away. Some will be new to you and you will just begin to learn about them and find out how they fit into your life.


In trimester two, you really dig into practice.

In the second round, you go deeper with the habits that were easy for you and begin to work with those that are less intuitive.  You meet your resistance and learn to deal with it with kindness and understanding. You find ways to work the habits to support you in all aspects of your life. You begin to change as a person, you feel better, and you are more in touch with what is possible.


In trimester three, you live the habits.

By the third round, you have dialed in many of the habits and are living from a more resourced place.  You know how to listen to your body, and which habit to go to when you feel "off." You let go of perfectionism as you rest into the various cycles you pass through.  You know how to take care of yourself on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. 


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Join us and step into your glowing health with:

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  • Healthy, rhythmic meals
  • Daily breath and movement practice
  • Attention to good quality rest
  • Community support
  • Habit change strategies that work


  • Learn to care for your sense organs
  • Lose excess weight 
  • Release mental stress and strain through meditation.
  • Strengthen your mind through self-understanding and self-love.
  • Free your spirit and live your dharma now.
  • Let yourself be seen and supported by a loving community of others like you!

"Studying with Shannon has demystified seasonal maladies I experience, some lifelong and others that arose during menopausal changes. I’ve learned ways to read what my body and emotions are signaling to me, and how to provide optimally for myself. I feel more centered and kind with myself, which is a deeply helpful place to approach my goals from. Living Ayurveda is a truly heartening community to learn with and from. It has been a real balm in this time.   I always enjoy our group gatherings, online and in person.

I have to tell you that I recently visited my parents and brothers. I usually come unraveled during these visits, but this time, though I felt challenged, I was able to maintain my center, and see them with genuine love. The skills around boundaries and self-kindness I’ve been learning in our group made this possible. I’m so thankful ❤️ I didn’t think it was possible in this lifetime."

JH, 53. -2021 Living Ayurveda Member

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I would love to have you join us!

Living Ayurveda Includes:

  • Weekly group meetings where you'll learn, receive coaching, and spend time with other group members to work the weekly theme. We meet by zoom and these sessions are recorded.
  • 3 Ayurveda consults with Ayurveda practitioner,  Shannon McCall to create a personalized program with recommendations and seasonal adjustments.
  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Shannon, to update recommendations and receive personalized support.
  • Primary Course Materials: books, worksheets, audio and video recorded lessons and a self-care kit of customized products for daily rituals. 
  • Guest Teachers each trimester to support our learning.
  • An accountability partner–stay connected to the material and your vision with a course buddy.
  • A private forum,  to keep the conversation going between sessions.
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Next entry is September, 2022

Entry is by application only.
Please fill out the short application to express your interest.
Once we receive it, we'll send you a link to schedule a conversation with Shannon to talk about whether Living Ayurveda is right for you. 

Living Ayurveda Bonuses

  • Living Ayurveda Prep School: an  introduction to the doshas. Learn about your unique body-type, how it expresses when out of balance, and how to restore balance and shift old patterns.

    Weekly Morning Yoga Practice with Shannon, recorded to use between sessions.



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Are you ready for a change?

"I am grateful to Shannon for creating the Living Ayurveda community. The rich and deep learning offered me the opportunity to reframe, rethink and build a whole health way of life.  For me, this sort of change is an iterative process. I needed to experiment and revise and try again. With Shannon’s guidance, our small group supported, learned and listened with each other.The coursework as well as developing trusting relationships made space for me to expand my confidence and agency to transform my daily practices for a whole-hearted healthy life."

–L. O., 61, Seattle, Living Ayurveda Member 2020 and '21

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Give yourself the support and guidance you need to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make. 

Change takes time.

When we look at Nature we can see the cycle of growth in real-time.  We take a year so that we can establish our roots and create a sustainable practice moving forward.  Through wise living, we move into deeper body/mind/soul integrity and learn to listen and understand our body's messages. The container of a year allows us to move through the seasons together and to learn how to adapt our practices to different times of year.  With the support of the teachings, Shannon's guidance, and the wisdom of the group body, we will make progress more easily, building self-confidence and trust in our inner wisdom body one step at a time.

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What is your good health worth to you?

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What is it costing you to...

  • Spin your wheels trying to get your daily habits in place without a real plan?

  • Take expensive pharmaceutical drugs that you know aren’t getting to the root of your problem?

  • Stay stuck in patterns of numbing out, self-forgetting, or self-sabotage?

  • Ignore your deeper needs?

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The next entry is September, 2022



Let's Talk!

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What Members Say:
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2019 and '20 Member


“Shannon is inspirational and deeply committed to sharing her experience in ways that are useful to each participant. She is a deep listener, curious and deeply committed to being in the service of each of us. She is resilient and this is more important now than ever. The overall experience is nuanced and yet experimental. I love that aspect of working with Shannon.”

– L.O., 61

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2019 and '20 Member


I"I loved all the exploration that was spurred on by other members’ struggles and successes that I resonated with and also those which expanded my perspective and aroused compassion…all from the space Shannon maintained. Through it all Shannon is very professional and always the leader, maintaining enough distance to maintain our respective roles and things are always clear and straight forward with no blur or uncertainty. As the yoga and meditation aspect, that could be another essay–it’s clearly her gift and calling to share and engage others through these practices. They are varied, grounded in self-love always, and when are deeply received, exquisite.”


– LA, 46

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2020 and '21 Member

“I wanted to send an email to you to let you know how this program has changed my life. I think of the world very differently in general now, not just my body but everything beyond me too. I’m not getting everything right but I am more aware than I have ever been about the choices I make. Thank you for your guidance and teaching. I’m moving toward the goals on my “What and why” list and enjoying the progress that I can already see. I also notice that I bring something different to those around me. My energy is changing and it’s so exciting and satisfying to experience these changes.” 

– RT, 62, Seattle

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2021 Member

“I was initially ambivalent about committing the time/energy/resources to care for my health.  At the same time, my body and soul knew I needed supportive practices, especially now at the transition into menopause.Shannon has curated a program that is full of rich material and experiences, in Ayurveda, yoga, personal development, psychology, communication, creative arts, and love of the natural world.  She has created a dynamic community of people seeking health and healing, which serves as a circle for personal and collective growth. Living Ayurveda is providing me with the structure and support to create a daily routine that is designed for me. I'm learning how to lean toward the practices that support optimal health, so that I can be more present with Life. I recommend Living Ayurveda to those longing for deeper health, connection with Self, and greater balance with the natural world.”

     – KM, 51, Seattle, 

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2020 and '21 Member

“I have always been fascinated with the science of the body and natural self-care, using food as medicine. When Shannon started talking about her Ayurveda training, it sounded like a great way to learn about how my body functions and what signals it is sending me. I was surprised how personal the journey is, with detailed guidelines that are specific to each person. I had a lot of questions and being part of a community was more than I could get from a self-help book. With Shannon’s help, I was able to fine tune my self-care routine just for me! One year later I am feeling lighter, clearer, and have a much better awareness of what my body is telling me works and what does not. I am much more sensitive to the subtle signals my body give me. I can now support the systems that allow me to have the best life possible. “

– R. T.,  61, Seattle   2021

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I'm Shannon McCall

Board Certified Ayurveda Practitioner (NAMA) Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Certified Health Coach
Holistic Health Guide


I found the path of yoga in college and fell in love with the philosophy and the physical practice right away. I come from a family that suffered from divorce, mental illness, alcoholism and depression and seeing and feeling  so much suffering around me growing up, ignited a deep motivation to understand what life was about. I wanted to know how to heal and transform human pain and suffering (something I wasn't sure was  possible when I began my search) and avoid  addiction and despair. I wanted to know and find those other souls who also wished to live wisely and well, to heal and to help others.

The physical practice of yoga supported me in strengthening and opening my body, releasing emotional blockages and learning to calm my mind. Meditation, Ayurveda, authentic movement, western and eastern psychology, great literature, mothering and the diamond approach are the other teachings that have led to my  personal transformation and healing over the past 35 + years. These are the tools I've been given from wonderful teachers who have imparted their 
wisdom to me, guided me back to my inner wisdom and empowered me to share these practices with you.  I take great joy in sharing the teachings with others who seek to live a life of vibrant wellbeing, truth, beauty and care. 


I believe that the real teacher is within, that our psyches are designed to heal and evolve and  that investing in radical self-care is the way to a graceful and powerful second act.  I function as a guide to support you in learning the practices that align your body with natural rhythms, adapted to  your unique nature.  I feel privileged to stand with you as you step more fully onto your path, your dharma, and heal and grow into your more authentic self what Ayurveda calls, "svastha"--to be seated within oneself.  The yogic and ayurvedic  practices clear blockages, nourish vitality, and bring clarity which allows for your innate body wisdom to shine though clearly. The integration of psychological understanding with spiritual wisdom allows an integrated approach, preventing the "spiritual bypass" that is so common today. I would be honored to talk with you about how this work might support you in your life today.

We grow and transform more fully in relationship. That's why I do the group work which allows an accelerated process, beyond what can happen on one's own, or just 1 -1 with me.