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Blessings of the New Moon. I hope your eclipse night was peaceful.

I want to welcome Joni into the community. Joni is a long time yogini, retired real estate agent, living with her husband on a beautiful home on a lake on Whidbey Island. She will be a great addition to our community.

How is easeful living showing up for you today?

I took my car in for servicing yesterday, and a rat's nest was discovered over my engine. They chewed through the engine harness, which is no longer made. I contacted my insurance agent because if they can't find the part (highly unlikely), the car will be "totaled." Not what I was expecting yesterday when my engine light came on and I took my car in. I found the experience woke me up. I talked with my insurance company, and they are on it. I felt very supported. Apparently this is a very common occurrence. The prevention is to douse the hood, trunk and door jams with essential oils once a month. Critters don't like the smell of any of them and will stay away...My friend loaned me her second car, and so for the moment, I am feeling relaxed in an undesireable moment.

I thought of the rat, which sits at ganesha's feet, and wondered if this rat was saving me from some worse fate down the road.



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