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What do you do when you notice an unwanted behavior is creeping back into your life when you don't really want it to?

I noticed recently that caffeine was sneaking back in. From a morning cup of chai, to a an occasional second cup of tea out and sometimes another chai in the afternoons. NO! I don't like how that much caffeine feels in my body.

Here's what I did: I shifted the desired second cup of chai into a small clay cup I have that I love. About 1/3 the amt of my regular insulated cup. A step that works when I want a little more, without being way too much.

I also started afternoon brewing of Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric tea for the afternoons. It's out and visible, and I enjoy how I feel after a cup of that tea.

What unwanted habit is creeping back in? How are you responding?

Here is Hanuman, who lives to serve the god and goddess within his heart. He is equated with Jesus Christ in his capacity for selfless service and his prime motivation of love.

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