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Crowd Sourcing from our meeting today--stress management techniques requested by Angela.

Chelsea Sometimes I try to feel my body and notice if I’m tensing up in the middle of the day and then try to relax whatever is tense and breathe for even 10 seconds

Jae Rowan: Taking 30-60 second breaks to breathe with intention, could be a lengthened exhale or even inhale and exhale.

Teresa: For Angela: I like to “bookmark” the felt quiet spaciousness than feel for that same quiet spaciousness when I’m at a stop light, or waiting for something else. Anytime in between.

Robert: stress management. What worked well for me at work, was to take 10 minutes or so )before I engaged with anyone at work or turning on the computer) sit down and write down all the activities that I could think of that needed to be done, then prioritize into three groups, A;high, ,B;;medium, C: low. then within each group rate 1, 2, 3 etc. Once the list is created I would review each morning add, or subtract from list.

Robert: it seems like a common theme to day is how life is very challenging right now

Shannon: regular yoga nidra practice: 20 min practice, 35 min practice

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