7 Things to do in the Morning to Feel Better Throughout the Day

1.    Upon awakening: greet yourself.   Say something sweet to yourself.  If you pray, thank the universe for another day of life.  Acknowledge the preciousness of you and this life.

2.    Scrape your tongue and wash your mouth:  first thing, after using the toilet,  wash the accumulated bacteria from your mouth by scraping your tongue (use a tongue scraper of stainless steel spoon) 7 x, brush your teeth and then rinse your eyes with cool water or an eye wash

3.    Drink water.  You have gone all night without water, start your day with a 12 – 32 oz of room temperature to hot purified water (with 1/2 lime or lemon if you like). It will hydrate you, gently awaken your system, and with the lemon/lime, alkalinize your body.

4.     Move for 15 – 30 minutes:  Take a brisk walk, do gentle yoga asanas, breathe  deeply.

5.    Sit for 5 minutes of meditation

6.    Oil your body and shower.  (This could come before or after you move). Oiling your body is wonderful for your skin and deeper tissues, calming for your nervous system and soothing to your soul.  Use room temperature to warm sesame oil if you tend to be cool or the weather is cool; coconut or sunflower oil if you tend to be hot or the weather is hot, apply it from head to toe, put a little on your pinky and apply it to your nostrils and inside your ears.  Follow with a warm shower.  Squirt a little dawn dishwashing liquid in the bottom of the shower and rinse so you don’t slip getting out of the  shower.

7.    Eat breakfast.  Warm and moist is better than cold and dry, in the colder seasons:  Cold cereal okay again as it warms up.  Breakfast should be ample enough to fill you, but not heavy.  If you eat fruit in the morning, eat it at least 30 minutes before other food (that’s right: not with yogurt or cereal) Fruit digests best eaten alone; exception is when it is cooked into your food.  If you are not hungry for breakfast, drink water and have a brunch around 10 or 11 as your appetite turns on.