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Nine Things to Do for Yourself in the Morning.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

  1. Rise with the sun (go to bed the night before by 10 pm).

  2. Thank the universe for another day of life.  Acknowledge the preciousness of this life.

  3. Scrape your tongue 7 x from back to front. (use a tongue scraper of stainless steel spoon) Rinse between scrapings.

  4. Rinse your eyes with cool water.

  5. Enjoy a cup of hot water. You've gone all night without water, start your day with 8 - 12 oz of room temperature to hot purified water (with a squeeze of lime or lemon if you like). It will not only hydrate you, but also gently awaken your system and support elimination.

  6. Move and breathe for 15 minutes:  Walk, run, do yoga asanas...breathe and awaken your physical and energy bodies.

  7. Sit in silence for 5 - 15 minutes.

  8. Rub oil into your skin and bathe.  Use room temperature to warm coconut or sunflower oil in warm months; sesame oil in cold months. Apply it from head to toe. Put a little on your pinky and oil your nostrils and the inside your ears.  Follow with a warm shower or bathe. Squirt a little liquid soap to your shower floor and rinse so you don’t slip. Calming and soothing to your nervous system and great protection and nourishment for your skin, too.

  9. Eat breakfast.  Warm and moist is better than cold and dry. Breakfast should be enough to satisfy, without weighing you down. Save your larger meal for mid day. If you eat fruit in the morning, eat it 30 minutes before other food (not with yogurt which will cause indigestion). Not hungry in the morning? Skip breakfast, and have brunch a little later instead.

You can print out a copy of these reminders here


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