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Stay Cool this Summer with Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Summer is Pitta season, bringing us more fire and heat which elevate those qualities within us. Pitta, in balance, functions in all of us to keep our metabolic processes in check, our body temperature balanced and our minds sharp and clear.

If you have more pitta in your nature, you’re probably:

  1. sensitive to light.

  2. fair-skinned with a medium build.

  3. bright blue or hazel eyed with an intense gaze and a tendency towards short or farsightedness.

  4. well developed muscularly, or at least your muscles are visible.

  5. experiencing early graying or a receding hairline.

  6. intelligent and a good leader.

  7. competitive, critical and driven by nature.

  8. prone to anger and impatience.

Additionally, you probably have

  1. a strong appetite and don’t like to miss meals.

  2. a tendency towards loose stools.

  3. a tendency towards rashes and inflammation.

For those of us with more pitta in our constitution, the shift into summer can cause an increase in pitta's sharp, hot and spreading nature, leading to imbalances like:

  1. heartburn and GERD.

  2. wet stools or diarrhea.

  3. rashes and other skin outbreaks.

  4. nausea.

  5. headaches.

Pitta people, whose Nature is actually quite sensitive, often drag their body around with the strength of their mind, pushing past their limits until they literally collapse. Sound familiar? If you have a predominance of pitta in your constitution, you probably recognize these signs of imbalance, especially when temperatures rise. Or maybe you know someone like this.

Here are some tips to stay cool and keep pitta in balance this season~

  1. Rinse your eyes with pure cool water first thing in the morning and at night.

  2. Do cooling pranayama (breathe in through your puckered lips, and exhale through your nostrils) for 3 – 10 rounds, anytime.

  3. Avoid the mid-day sun (10 am – 2 pm). 

  4. Exercise in the cooler part of the day.

  5. Incorporate more forward bends, side bends, twists and prone backbends into your asana practice.

  6. Practice Non-doing Meditation—Take a seat or lie down and simply observe without doing…holding a broad focus. Practice for 5 - 10 minutes.

  7. Alternate periods of focused activity with breaks. Set a timer – when the timer goes off, get up and stretch, go outside for 5 minutes.

  8. Walk in Nature.

  9. Avoid hot/spicy foods now.

  10. Eat more cooling foods like cucumber, coconut water, hibiscus or mint tea, cilantro, blueberries and  cherries.

  11. Favor sweet, astringent and bitter foods like fresh fruit, salads and bitter greens.

  12. Stay hydrated but avoid ice water, which will weaken your digestion.

  13. Rub your skin with a little organic coconut oil before or after you shower. Rub coconut oil into the soles of your feet before bed. Put an old hand towel on your night stand, and an old pair of socks to cover your feet to protect your bedding.

  14. Minimize or avoid pungent, sour or salty tastes like chilies, hot sauce, alcohol and caffeine. Minimize or avoid fried, oily and fermented foods now.

  15. Bathe in moonlight.

  16. Enjoy rose spray spritz on your body.

  17. Wear cool colors like blues, greens and white.

By incorporating just a few of these tips, tips, even a fiery pitta type can stay cool and balanced during the summer season.

Want to learn more about your unique constitution? Enroll in my 4 week self-study course, Your Elemental Nature. Your 4 audio lessons will be delivered to you on the first Thursday after you enroll (or you can sign up, and then let us know when you want to begin).

Wishing you joy this summer!




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