How to Take Care of Yourself in the Morning

I’ve been thinking a lot about rhythm lately. I’m still transitioning from a big year of study and completion and I’m in the liminal/in between space now where what was–is over and what is to come–has not yet fully manifested.... These moments of transition are some of the most challenging because they are times of pause and not knowing. In that gap is pure potential which can feel exciting and potent one minute, and terrifying the next. In a culture obsessed with go, go, go, and knowing what’s next, it’s a challenge to surrender to the pause and just be. My practice these days is to keep listening and allow the next thing to be born in it’s right time. My daily rhythm is a huge support and I want to re-share a simple morning protocol that I follow and that I give to my clients. It’s a game changer in many ways, and if you adopt it, it will change your life for the better. This template will get you started. 

The first thing on the list, upon awakening, is simply to greet yourself. There is something sweet about acknowledging yourself and your life from a place of gratitude first thing. Before E-mail, before all the sending and receiving, simply: good morning, dear. I love you. Thank you for this Life. 

Once up, after using the toilet, clean your mouth (brush teeth, scrape tongue) to rid yourself of accumulated bacteria from overnight. (BTW, a foul tasting mouth indicates incomplete digestion from the night before. A coated tongue, indicates toxicity in the system.) After cleaning your mouth, drink a cup or two of fresh water (room temp or hot—add lime if you like) to hydrate, gently cleanse your kidneys and support peristalsis.  Taking time for these few things in the morning will get you going in the right direction. (Next newsletter I’ll talk about the other practices).

If we want good health: strong body, happy mind and a peaceful spirit, we need to take time for ourselves—this isn’t news, but our approach to this time may need an upgrade. Self care in the spirit of  one more thing to check off our to-do list won’t touch us and heal us in the same way those actions will when they are an expression of genuine self-love and value-This requires tuning into the love within us, even when we’re not feeling so well, even when it seems like just a trickle.   A drop is enough to support the flow. And inviting that love to pulse through our system will revitalize our low energy and sour mood bit by bit. Imagine how you might feel if you took time to love and care for yourself first thing every day with these few simple practices.

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Wishing you well in the final phase of Summer.

Love, Shannon

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