Late Afternoon Medicine

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

What do Fall and the Late Afternoon Have in Common?

In the fall the ether and air elements increase and with them their qualities of mobility, dryness and cold. It’s the same in the late afternoon. You know that time-of-day when you start to feel scattered, tired and more than a little frayed? This is a great time to bring in balancing qualities of stillness, moisture and warmth.

The next time you feel an afternoon slump, instead of increasing the mobility and dryness by reaching for caffeine or sugar, do this instead:

  1. Take 10, step away from whatever activity you are engaged in, and gather yourself.

  2. Sit or lie down and feel the earth supporting you.

  3. Hydrate with a cup of warm water or herbal tea.

  4. Skip the snack unless you’re actually hungry. If you’re craving sugar, have an apple.

  5. Put your legs up the wall or take a yin pose and breathe.

I’ve even done bits of this in the car at the end of the day, or before teaching a class.  Any moment is a good moment to practice and come home to yourself.

Have you seen this sign before?

I saw this on social media a couple of years ago and never forgot it. Not to be cavalier about the flu (or a cold)–we all go down sometimes–but let’s ALSO get real about how we’re managing our energy, sleep, diet….all the things “we know” support immunity, but it only counts if we practice what we know, right??? Am I preaching to the choir? Let’s help each other stay true to good practices, ok?

 Much Love to you, Shannon