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Reset this Fall for a Healthy Winter.

In the northern hemisphere, fall is a time of transition. Temperatures cool, the winds come up, schedules shift, holidays arrive, and the abundance of summer light gives way to a gradual shift towards longer nights, and the darkness of winter.

To adapt to these seasonal shifts, Ayurveda recommends a change in diet and daily routine to maintain balance and stay strong. This diet and lifestyle medicine shores up immunity. Sessonal herbal support helps us release the accumulation of heat in our body which strengthens our adaptation to the shifts in temperature and light. Here are some things you can do to get grounded this fall.

  • Reestablish a regular routine that includes sleeping, waking and eating at regular times. This will support good sleep and better digestion.

  • To keep digestion at par, shift away from cold, dry or raw foods and favor of more cooked, spiced, and unctuous meals such as soups and stews. is recommended. Instead of raw apples, Juice and then warm with spices, or dice and cook in some water, cinnamon, and raisins for an afternoon snack.

  • Spend time daily doing activities you enjoy: connect with friends, read, listen to music, be outdoors....

  • Give your mind some time and space to digest your daily experiences by walking or seated meditation. If sitting is hard, try walking with the intention to just walk. Begin at your usual pace, and then slow down bringing awareness into each step and into your body as a whole. When you get distracted, come back to that easy focus on walking and moving.

  • Seek out and spend time in good company. Be with others with whom you can share authentically and in a real way.

  • Engage a cleansing diet for 3 - 7 days with herbal support for releasing toxicity in your system, followed by a round of tonic herbs to boost immunity.

One of the best practices you can do to support your health this season is a gentle digestive reset. I'm offering an online group where we'll be doing this together in October. This will be an opportunity to devote 3 weeks to shoring up your diet and lifestyle practices while taking some herbal support to ease your body's transition from summer to fall.

While going through the reset with guidance and good company is ideal, it's not always possible. If this is true for you, I've sketched out a simple DIY reset you can give yourself this season. Find the simple DIY reset here.

Here's to an easeful and renewed transition into fall.

With love, Shannon


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